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History of Al-Aleppo

Al- Aleppo was a emirate civilization, based in what a civilian from the years of 2020 would call, Alexandria, Egypt. From the ruins of Alexandria after the invasion of The Neo Umayyads in 2067, a man named Aziz Al Aleppo rised from the ashes and began to work to create a new civilization that would make the past empire, The River Empire of The Nile, proud. The first step was to rename Alexandria after this new nation was born. Emir Aziz decided to call it Khublak-Kush. A war began with the neigboring Empire of The Israeli Holy Lands. The war was won, but very bloody, and was won with very few territorial gains. Thsoe gains were good, as it was fertile Nile farmland. The cost, however, was Emir Aziz, who died from the Battle of New Cairo, after the cannon ball struck his troops. After the Nile farmland was taken advantage of, giving a boost to trade up Africa-Arabia and selling food, that is what made Al Aleppo start getting a thriving economy, and thus a bigger than average military and atomic bomb operation. Using this, Al Aleppo made technology, innovative and ground breaking to society at that time, and that is why Al- Aleppo's capital is named Aleppo-Al-Aziz, and why Al Aleppo has a thriving economy.

After that, a war broke out between Bulbasaur reichpact and Communist free land . Bulbasaur reichpact claimed "Communists have a bad government type, so I think they will hurt my country. Besides, I declared war because those communists said my dictatorship was corrupt!" Communist free land claims "Well, yea I said that because Bulbasaur reichpact said communists are a threat to the world! So of course, I bought Chinese rebel into the war!"

Al-Aleppo joined the side of The Communist Coalition, participating in a few naval battles. In the process, Al-Aleppo turned into a communist people's republic. Then, on July 1st 6100, two things happened, bad and good. The first one was the battle of Pikachu Village in the Bokemon sub-region. T'was a victory, but at the cost of thousands among thousands of young men and women who sacrificed their soul and life only for their blood to be spilled on the streets of what is now The Great Ruin, what used to be Bokemon subregion. More on why it is called that later. This day was the bloodiest day in Aleppian history so far.

The good thing that happened is a young man named John Deckman had uncovered...a rock. Under this rock was a trapdoor that led to the Bulbasaur reichpact evacuation base. Again, more on why it is an evacuation base later. After finding it, he called an airplane pilot to bomb it, and both pilot Thomas Windcherry and John Deckman were given Communism Military awards and Thumbs-Uppie awards.

Now onto why there was an evacuation center, why the Bokemon Subregion is now called The Great Ruin, and why a day called Bulbasaurian Doomsday exists. So, Al-Aleppo has an Atomic Bomb program, and they had one of the biggest bombs in TNP, called Khalabak. On August 5th, Khalabak was dropped on the Bulbasaur reichpact capital. This wiped out the entire Bokemon subregion, and so they had to store their weapons in a base under a rock.

The war was lost after the main general left to eat lunch, and then got sidetracked and decided to clean his basement. Bulbasaur reichpact got time to conquer Communist free land, and thus the war ended with Bulbasaur reichpact gaining the territories Korea and Shandong, thus moving the dictatorship to east asia.