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Histroy of CmonBruh

"Matter is composed of indivisible building blocks."
-Probably some famous dude in CmonBruh idk though

This idea was recorded as early as the fifth century BCE by Cmon and Bruh. The Greeks called these early settler CmonBruhians. The nations name “CmonBruh” is derived from their two names. Cmon proposed that different types of these CmonBruhians were responsible for the furtherment of mankind. However, these ideas were largely ignored at the time, as most philosophers favored the Kirwano perspective of anarchy.

The nation of CmonBruh was revisited and elaborated upon by many nomads and philosophers. In 1661, Bruh presented a discussion of "CmonBruh" in his 3 thesis. However, The Armed Republic of Kirwano frowned upon these ideas and morals of gifting subs to females and thus made the hatred grow even more.

The two nations had an uneasy relationship for many years. Eventually, a war broke out between the two nations. This lasted for many years, Kirwano eventually came out on top and defeated CmonBruh. Though they sad it was due to its extensive research in the NoFap technology sector. It wasn't, CmonBruh was newly founded nation and were severely under resourced. CmonBruh was then ruled over by Kirwano for many years.

However, in June of 2020 Kirwano took pity on CmonBruh and became allies with them and founded "The Bedean Republican Coalition" along with the help of The Republic of Gerard Fahey. With sights set to become one of the most powerful regions.