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「 About Ludvig Wallen! 」

Should I really write something like this? Ugh, fine. My name is Ludvig Jasper Wallen. Since the accident, my mind’s been a bit hazy, though I’ve managed to recover somewhat. The doctors said I’m 23 years old now, so I essentially was asleep for a whole five years. I live in the same town, Örnsköldsvik, as my dumdum sister Gertrud.

I do remember a lot about my life before the accident. Both of my parents were always busy with their jobs. The only one who was always with me was my older sister. She always spoiled me with things that I like; we’d eat tasty foods, go to exciting places, play video games, and did a bunch of other stuff. She took good care of me while our parents were away. Even if I sometimes say otherwise, she means a lot to me. It really broke my heart when she left me to join the army. I still don’t understand why she decided that. I really missed her while she was gone. We’d talk on the phone sometimes, but there was an unfilled void left. I didn’t know if I hated her more than I loved her. These were confusing times.

Which is why I got really excited when she finally came home. But… that was when the crash happened. For a second, my mind was blank, and then I woke up in a barn. It was weird; I asked myself if this was the afterlife. Then I found my big sister in a farmer’s getup waiting for me but, she had some fluffy rabbit-like ears on her head. I realised that I was in a dream. I saw a lot of things one would normally associate with myths and stories; dragons, nekomimi, and beasts. I recall being in a pinch against a monster once, but my sister came and saved me, blasting the big baddie with a .50 calibre machine gun. Really weird.

Then, I saw a weird vision. There were ghastly arms, pulling me into a deep chasm. There was an ominous voice that said “wake up”… and I did. Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed in Stockholm, and five years were gone in the snap of a finger. I asked to borrow a phone and call my sister, and she told me she was in a real fantasy world! Who could’ve known? But still, she’s a big meanie for leaving me behind.

Also, the doctors said my hair and my eyes, which were originally brown and green much like my sister’s, had their pigmentations messed around with by the traumatic injury. I don’t really understand, but hey, I think I look cooler with this!
- Ludvig Wallen [ Terra Britania ]

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