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Gol-Mar news #2 (not live anymore)

"Hello, and welcome back to Gol-Mar News!!!!" Announced James Wilson, our now experienced news forecaster. "Now today we are talking about something very....... interesting........" He explains, looking confused. "People that are currently in the Gol-Marian army and elders who served their time in the army are very mad at us...... they are saying that the Tiger, Gol-Mar's national animal, already has lots of work to do already and should NOT serve in the army....." Says James with a confused look. "Also, we have a special guest today!!!!!!!!!" James says excitedly. "Today we have...... (drum roll please) Chayce Philips!!!!!!!!!!!" He says as he shakes Chayce's hand. "Hello to all of you out there" Chayce says, nervous. "I am 22 year old Chayce Philips, and i currently serve in the Gol-Marian army, if you could not tell by my army suit" He says proudly.
"Go on" James tells him. "Ahem, so, today I am here to talk about the Tiger, our national animal. Every day, the tiger does lots of work for us Gol-Marians plus having to survive in the rapidly shrinking forests. AND THEN WE MAKE IT SERVE IN THE ARMY!?!?!?!?!??!!? I SAY NOT!" Yells Chayce. "Hey hey hey calm down ok?!" James says quietly. "NO! NOT UNTIL WE LET THESE TIGERS GO. NOW!" Retorts Chayce. "KING AIDAN I... I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET. THESE. TIGERS. GO. NOW." Yells Chayce. Just then, SWAT soldiers grab Chayce their guns pointed on him. "Then, a figure appears in front of them. They see a fancy suit and magnificent moustache. Chayce suddenly looks unbelievably shocked. Then, everyone figures it out. That person is none other than King Aidan I. "I want this man out of Gol-Mar never to return NOW" He says, looking at Chayce. "Y-yes sir" his body guard mumbles. Just then, the camera switches off, ending Gol-Mar news #2.

The Empire of Gol-Mar