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「 About Gertud Wallen! 」

Oh my, oh my, is it my turn? Alrighty then. Hello everyone, my name is Gertrud Linnéa Wallen. I have been alive for 28 years now. I was born in the 18th of December in the Year of our Lord 1992 in the mid-sized town of Örnsköldsvik, in the Kingric of Swedeland, which is in Earth.

I was once a soldier in the Skaraborgs Regemente (P 4) of the Swedish Army, to which I joined in 2010. I left the Army in 2015, just before Ludvig and I were involved in a car accident. Even though I discovered my faith afterward, I blamed myself for his unfortunate circumstance and yet, by the grace of God, I survived relatively unscathed. And so, to earn money and secure a good future for me and my brother, I joined OstSicherheit, subsidiary of the Ostsee conglomerate, as a private military contractor in 2016. In my detachment, I was nicknamed “Priest” for my belief, yet I try telling people I meet that I am no theologian, sometimes to no avail.

In 2018, I was sent to this world called Yverde, as part of the security detail for Ostsee’s operations there after the success of the Zweiwelt GATE Projekt. While it was indeed dangerous, it wasn’t as bad as everyone thought at first. In the span of two years, our tiny outpost grew to be a small village. We even had a little chapel! That was where I spent most of my days in Yverde when I wasn’t out on guard duty or search-and-destroy operations. In my time there, I met a whole cast of colourful characters, including Eros-chan~.

I also encountered a lot of mishaps and tragedies, but managed to crawl my way through the metaphorical mud and barbed wire to overcome it all. I also was transformed into succubus in events I’d rather not recall, but my dear brother woke up from his vegetative state thanks to the hand of some unknown miracle. Now, the three of us are out and about, adventuring throughout this wide and wonderful world.

Sometimes, Eros and some other people call me "Gertud" instead of Gertrud. Don't worry, I'm used to it.
- Gertrud Wallen [ Terra Britania ]

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