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「 About ME! 」

Hello hello~! My name is Eros, but I've had some people call me Miss Happy-go Succubus. I don't really remember exactly when or where I was born; hehehe, I'm such an oaf! I do know I've been out and about for well over a full thousand years, so I'm at least as old as that. That was a really long time!

Let me think for a sec, I seem have forgotten the finer details of much of my past, but I do remember one thing, that I wished to be, and later became, an adventurer. Among the first places I've ever been to was the Casseric of Theoria, right around Foremonth of 570 AC. Ugh, those people are the worst! I was generally shunned and people were absolute jerks just because they think all Succubi, Demons, and Dragonfolk are "bad" for some reason. Well, at least it wasn't anything like Vallanchia; they outright just kill any creature that isn't a Human. Thankfully, I managed to escape those freaks when they found me in the street wearing my true form. Religious fanatics are a total pain in the arse.

Sometime, in Bloommonth 810 AC, I met the Casserina of the Harmonish Riche at the time, Gunhild Rosenberg. Damn, I was figuratively pissing my pants due to the sheer aura of absolute dread you could feel within a kilometre's radius around her. I thought I was about to have my skull broken clean in two, but hey, inside, she's a really friendly person. She even told me that one day, she would abdicate from the throne and live as adventurer too. I was shocked to hear that straight from the mouth of someone as great as she is. She must've been utterly bored of sitting in her throneroom full of idiotic noblemen. When I was in Einnfit, just about to sail to the Oriental Realm around Summermonth 950 AC, I heard the Casserina abdicated and literally hurled the Crown of Harmonia right into her son's face. The madlass really did it.

On my way back to Harmonia through Komemau's Confederation and the Gerean Swampland in Summermonth 1530 AC, I saw some really strange people, with their strange green and grey clothing, speaking something that closely resembles Prussisch. They said they were from some world called Earth; who would've known I'd meet some actual outworlders? On that day, I met Miss Gertud, a really friendly Succubus and Priest, as well as her brother Ludvig, who shares my curiosity and thrist for adventure into unknown lands. I was so happy to have friends in my journey!
- Eros

The Grand Diarchy of Harmonic Empire