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Ninth Edition UDS WA Stats

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The World Assembly Report and Regional Comparisons is a statistics based report intended to track the region's World Assembly membership and endorsements of Delegate Dome Artan. The report is based off statistics generated by a spreadsheet maintained by the region's Delegate and is updated at each Major update. The report will be published weekly following the Monday Major update and the subsequent spreadsheet update. Ultimately the goal of the report will be to track the Union's development of its influence in the World Assembly, done through increasing both it's total memberships and total Delegate endorsements.

The report will also include a Regional Comparisons component as a means of evaluation for the region's progress. The region will be compared to similarly sized peers based on the Regions World Census ranking. Relevant regional Delegate endorsement totals will be displayed with the goal of the region to be favourably compared to these regions. This component will also include the region's current ranking in the World Assembly Endorsements Census for ease of access.

Beginning with the Fifth Edition the report also includes an Advanced Analytics section that incorporates various statistics far too difficult to gather manually. This section will chart the region's total influence growth (a main target of the PIG in the UDS program), the region's total World Assembly endorsements separately from the average endorsement statistic and the region's endorsement saturation. These statistics will be accompanied by the Union's respective ranking in each category. This entire section is only possible thanks to the NS renowned AugustinAndroid (the Moose) created by August.

Delegate Endorsements

Non Endorsers

WA Nations

Non WA Nations

138 -7

53 -9

191 -16

253 -21

Delegate Endorsement Percentage

World Assembly Membership Percentage

72.25% +2.20%

43.02% -0.02%

Same post Drew Rush trends as has been the norm for the last month when the decline began in earnest. However the loss of Delegate endorsements was about half as the previous week, in turn a decent amount less than the week before that. Is the end finally in sight? One thing is for certain though, the new nations, of which there were quite a few this week, need to join the WA. This was the first week WA Membership percentage declined in the region, and while that in itself is actually another good sign the decline might be over, it also indicates the lack of WA membership applications.

An interesting fact, that doesn't show up in any stats is that the involvement of new nations who do actually join the WA (involvement meaning handing out other endorsements not just joining the World Assembly) is actually pretty strong. All 7 of the most recent nations who joined the region and the WA have endorsed the delegate. The issue then is not getting members to endorse, as another 2% increase in delegate endorsement percentage indicates, it is getting nations to join the WA. Why a nation would be active but not be in the UDSAF or the WA is a question that is difficult to answer, but is an important one for increasing our regional WA membership and maintaining our delegate endorsements.

Total Influence Ranking: 39th
Total Regional Influence: 952,888 +58,045

Another week will probably see us cross a million influence. It really is a terrific rise as the graph demonstrates. The return to a near 60,000 weekly influence gain is also fantastic to see after last week (due to increased CTEs) saw a rise of under 30,000. More proof of our success in Promoting Influence Growth is in the shiny new badge on our region homepage. Previously we had a Top 1% Average Endorsements badge (continuously tracked in the Regional Comparisons section) and a Top 1% Nations badge. However in the middle of the week a new Top 10% in Average Influence appeared. For all the losses we've documented recently, losses I will continue to insist are natural occurrences, this is a fresh sign of our WA and influence success.

Total Regional WA Endorsements Ranking: 13th
Total Regional WA Endorsements: 7,636 -258

I don't think I could be happier with a week where we lose 258 endorsements. As the graph shows, this was certainly not what we were trending to. However the efforts of a couple Unionists, who will get explicit mention in the next Endobacon Awards, has given our total endorsements a nice boost to close the week. Of note is the total endorsements of 12th and 14th in the world respectively. Both also saw heavy declines from the week previous, yet more proof for the nation decline we have experienced being a universal phenomenon. With our moderate end of week recovery we have restored a gap of 1500 endorsements between us and 14th while closing the gap on 12th to 1200. While it would be terrific to push for 12th again I'm happier to be securely in 13th once again after it looked like we were heading down.

Endorsement Saturation Ranking: 38th
Endorsement Saturation: 20.39%

As always endorsement saturation is the total regional endorsements divided by the potential total endorsements if every WA member in the Union endorsed everyone. Another over 2% jump, this has been our weekly standard as we climb up 4 more spots on endorsement saturation. For a region as large as ours (we are still notably large even with our nation CTEs) to hold 20% endorsement saturation is impressive, even more so when you consider that maybe 6 weeks ago when I was really starting to examine these more advanced stats we sat at 4%.

Current Average Endorsement Ranking: 9th

Current Average Influence Ranking: 2,121st

17.12 endorsements per nation

2,136.52 SPDR per nation

The graph first as always. The UDS is in the middle in all aspects of the graph. The 3rd in nation count for the most comparable regions and the 3rd in delegate endorsements with a large gap to both 2nd and 4th. Its interesting to see the disparity between region endorsement levels despite population numbers being relatively the same.

Now for the Badge tracking component and our average endorsement and influence rankings. This is the first time that by the time of the stats report we have been on the first page of the average endorsement rankings. It really is kind of humorous as we've been locked in a battle for at least two weeks now climbing onto that first page but being knocked back. Now we're on and it is almost secure. Of course instances like our 1000 endorsement dive remain possible but provided we don't see the disappearance of any more Gold Medallists I like our chances to remain a top 10 average endorsing region. At this point in time we are up 1.2 endorsements on 11th.

And an entirely new thing to write about! The region gaining the average influence badge, as mentioned above, happened midweek. At this point in time we're a long way away from any meaningful ranking but we did climb over 200 rankings since gaining the badge. This is a badge that is especially tough for large regions to obtain. Most of the high ranking regions are those that sit mostly empty, easy to have a high average when you have only a few nations to concern yourself with. A region like the UDS must have lots of high influence nations which requires both high levels of endotarting and for nations to to remain in the region for the long term. Due to this, having a high ranking in average influence is perhaps a better sign of the success of WA programs as not only have endorsements been encouraged but regional staying power has been increased.

The overall trend of stats might still be down but we do see signs of what could eventually be a return to stability, particularly in our uptick in total endorsements to close the week. The first ever percentage WA membership does mean that regardless of the new Gold Medallists joining the ranks, by my count we should have 3 new Gold Medallists, we're going to need more World Assembly Members.

To join the World Assembly if you have not yet done so simply navigate to the World Assembly and press the button Apply to Join. To officially join the WA you must access the email associated with your NationStates account and click the link in the email sent to you. Now you are in the World Assembly!

The easiest way to increase our region's influence now that you are in the World Assembly is to endorse our regional Delegate. The Delegate votes on resolutions with a vote worth all of their endorsements plus one. This is why it is so crucial to endorse your regional delegate. To endorse the Delegate, or anyone in the region for that matter, go to their nation page by clicking their nation name wherever you find it (such as right here Dome Artan). Now just scroll down to the bottom of their nation page where you will find an Endorse button, click this to endorse that nation.

Want to do even more? Telegram Dome Artan and ask for a list of your unendorsed nations after you've joined the World Assembly or just check out the list of WA nations and endorse from there. Endorsing everyone in the region improves our influence gain, improves our voting power in the WA and improves our average endorsement ranking.

Much thanks goes to August for allowing the usage of the bot generated graphs from Advanced Analytics as well as for creating the fantastic AugustinAndroid.

The Office of UDS Dispatch Office