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Cäsar Kronen: A Soldier’s Story

An explosion rocks the earth. Shouting and gunfire goes off. Cäsar looks around him in horror and has the 1000 yard stare. Men run around him.

A hand is felt grabbing him and picking him up to his feet.
He grabs his rifle and starts running towards cover. The Makastan bunker they’re supposed to attack is lighting up the place with machine gun fire and is pinning down troops.

A legion soldier grabs a satchel charge and crawls beneath the gun fire. Right when he gets up he gets filled with lead and dies.
“DAMNNIT” says the squad leader as the man gets shot.


He looks for a second and says a prayer. He lays down in the mud. Making his way over there and the gunfire over him is deafening and cracking the air. He gets the charge and grabs a match in one of his pouches and lights the charge and throws it in the window. The gunfire stops and Cäsar collapses from the stress and breathes heavily.
“God help me”

The fighting still goes on and his day isn’t over yet. His officer picks him up and us he’s him towards the front. He gets over the ridge line and sees the area. “My.... my god. SIR THAT IS A SUICIDE MISSION!” His Officer looks at him in anger. “DOES IT MATTER? YOU WERE TRAINED TO DIE FOR THE FÜHRER AND WILL DO SO WITHOUT QUESTION!”

The officer moves on and Cäsar looks at the super defended base. “Fu*k this!” A military MP sees him take off his patches and throws them to the ground.

“Halt! What are you doing?”
Cäsar looks at him and doesn’t say anything. He just walks to north west to the DoP.
The MP jogs over to him. “HEY!” He puts a hand on his shoulder and right when he does Cäsar grabs his baton and knocks him over the head 3 times, knocking him out.

He looks at the man and a tear goes off his face and he starts to run and never looking back.

A few days later his story continues.....

He’s exhausted and starting to slow down. He slings his rifle over his shoulder and his helmet is on his head. His sleeves are rolled up and goes to a tree and lays against it.
“Ugh....” he gets up and starts walking more to the border to the DoP.
“Gotta get to the boat....”

A few more days later he makes it there and he crouches down. “I still have my pass....”
He goes up and goes to the border guard.
A border guard looks at him coming up.
“Hello soldier, you’ve seen better days eh?”
He looks at him tired in the eyes.
“Ok then, show me your pass and go through.”
He shows his pass.
Cäsar Kronen. Born February 17th 2005
Unit: 75th Ranger Battalion. Private First Class
“Alright, go ahead.” The guard says as he hands his pass back.
“Oh, before I go, can I buy a bike? I have 3,000 Marks on me.”
The guard looks around. “Uh... yeah, we have plenty”
He hands him all his money and the guard gives him the keys.
“Have fun”
He gets on his new bike and starts up. The motor is loud and he speeds off towards the DoP
“Change of plans..... guess I can stay here for a bit”