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The Card News Index/Central Hub

Card News Editions
Edition -1: The Auction that lasted forever
Edition 0: Market Chaos: Pergamon Crash, Leaderboard Mixup, and More!
Edition 1: Mindless Contempt Action, Card Olympics Updates, and Hunger Games!
Edition 2: Testlandia Inflation, Pumpty Dumpty, and more!
Edition 3: TEP and 10KI Pull Event, More Deflation, Hunger Games 3
Edition 4: TNP Pull Event Crashed (again), Card Olympics End, and a New Most Expensive Card!
Edition 5: Koem Kab Defeated, 9003 Commended, and Hunger Games 4
Edition 6: 10000 Bank Transfer, 200K Drop, and a Successful TNP Pull Event
Edition 7: First TCALS Change Implemented
Edition 8: The Last Card Hunger Games and an Interview With Koem Kab

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Card News Contributors
Noahs Second Country - Editor/Publisher/Writer
Giovanniland - Writer
The Unified Missourtama States - Contributor (Interviews)

Cards Dispatches/Other Written Resources
Dispatches and other resources of note
The Comprehensive Guide to NationStates Cards by Destructive Government Economic System
Containerise: Efficient Card Farming by Racoda
How to earn Cards' money fast using puppets by Queen Yuno
The 6 Ws of TCALS - Part 1 by Noahs Second Country
S2 Legendary Card Rarity Changes: Downgrades by Noahs Second Country
S2 Legendary Card Rarity Changes 2: Upgrades by Noahs Second Country
TIAMA Scale by The Unified Missourtama States
Collecting Class Cards: Whats, Whys, Hows +LEADERBOARD by The Unified Missourtama States
Link History of NationStates Cards, How itís Developed, and How it is Still Evolving to This Date. by Destructive Government Economic System
The Collection Collection v2 by Giovanniland
Card queries by The Northern Light
Card Market Watch by The Northern Light
NS Trading Card Discord by The Salaxalans
The Card Gardening Society by The Unified Missourtama States
The Cards Guild by The Northern Light
LinkPuppet Reporting by 9003
LinkReported Puppet Spreadsheet maintained by 9003 and Noahs Second Country

Cards Competitions
Cards Based Competitions
The first ever Card Olympics by 9003 - Gold: Racoda, Feu de Glacex2. Silver: Noahs Second Country, Racoda. Bronze: SherpDaWerp, 9003
2nd Card Olympic Games! by 9003 - Winners: Dr Hooves, Noahs Second Country, Giovanniland, Jasminlandia, Ransium, Recuecn
The Card Olympics Game #3! The April Games by 9003 - Winner: Noahs Second Country
4th monthly Olympic games Over 3,000 DV in prizes by 9003 - Winners: One Small Island, Noahs Second Country, Portsville, Fauzjhia, Mediobogdum, Oofery
The Monthly Card Collection Competition (Win a Legendary!) by Praeceps - Winners: Koskalherria, Aerilia, The Lovebirds, The sands casino, Kyskalherria, Rice Insunx2, Sleazy Pigeonx2
5th Olympic games! Now with duos and a way to triple prizes! by 9003 - Winners: Noahs Second Country/Giovanniland x3, All Wild Things
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - First Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Koem Kab
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Second Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: The bigtopia
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Third Run! by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Reformed capitalist scotland
Nationstates Trading Card Hunger Games - Fourth Run Report by Harmonic Empire - Winner: Castelia, Reformed capitalist scotland

Cards Tools
Scripts and other relevant tools
LinkAuction Displayer by Racoda
LinkGardener Highlighter by Racoda
LinkGuild Highlighter by Racoda
LinkTransfer Cleanup by SherpDaWerp
LinkCard Junker/Key Code Shortcuts by 9003 **NOTE: Discord link**
Card Queuing by Anozia, Destructive Government Economic System, Racoda
LinkDefault Bid by Racoda
LinkRCES Suite - All of Racoda's work in 1 place by Racoda
LinkDeal Finder by 9003
Gold Retriever by Valentine Z
LinkLink to Containerise

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