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Wille-Harlian Application for a Noon Embassy

National Information
Full Nation Name: Wille-Harlia
Government Type (such as constitutional monarchy): Empire
Economic System: Free Market Capitalist
NS Classification: Civil Rights Lovefest
Capital City: Cavaliersburg
Largest City: Wille-Harlia City
Flag (Description or Image): See profile picture.
National Currency: Sacagawillianth
Leader's Name: Emperor William I, President Magnus L. Cavalier
Leader's Date of Birth: January 17, 7 BFEWH (Emperor), April 21, 5 BFEWH(President)
Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent: Lisa Coolidge

Ambassadorial Information
Ambassador's Name: David Floyd
Ambassador's date of birth: 6/7/ 1 BFEWH
Ambassador's Height: 6'3"
Security detail (w/ equipment and quantity): 20 Wille-Harlian Elite Operatives, all equipped with Cavalier Rifles and Pax Machine Guns
Convoy vehicles (w/ type and quantity): 3 Armored Cars, 1 Limo
Security members: To be determined.

Please respond yes/no to all the questions.

Are there any medications that the ambassador takes? If so, which?
Yes, Adderall.
Are there any security issues that we should be concerned about? If so, what?
Does your ambassador need a service dog?
Does your ambassador have any pets that he/she is bringing along?
Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs, one cat.
Is your nation currently in a state of war? If so, against whom?
Are there any personnel that need medications? If so, how many?
Do you wish to open an embassy in your nation? If so, where? Please provide a link if you have an embassy program(me). Yes, still setting it up though.