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XKI Summer Olympics: Jeopardy

[align=center][b][u][size=250]XKI Summer Olympics[/size][/u][/b][/align]

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[box]The Jeopardy! games will quiz players on their knowledge of XKI and random real-life topics. 

Jeopardy! will be 10000 Islands-based, while Double Jeopardy! will be based in real life. 

Once the prompt for any Jeopardy! or Double Jeopardy! question is posted, the first player to respond to the prompt with the post of a "thumbs up" will be told to answer within 5 seconds, while in Final Jeopardy! everyone will have 30 seconds to answer. 

The player that wins the game will earn 25 points for their team and the runner-up will earn 10 points for their team. 

The games will be played with three people at a time, one from each team, and will last for 20 minutes. Although, if there is high demand the number of people per match can be increased as necessary.

The games will be played on Discord and the categories will be listed at the beginning of each round. 

There will be three matches: 10 June from 9:40-10:00 AM EST, 12 June from 11:00-11:20 PM EST, and 17 June from 11:10-11:30 PM EST. To sign up, you can either send me a telegram on NS or send me a PM on the forum telling me that you would like to sign up, and which date(s) you would prefer to play on.

Sign-Ups will close on 7 June at 5:00 PM EST, soon after which everyone will receive the dates and times at which they will be playing the game. 

If the time you receive does not work for you, message me on NS or the forum with a time that will work better for you, and I'll see if we can figure something out. 

The rules for Jeopardy can be found here: 
[u]https://en .wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeopardy![/u].

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