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Diplomacy with other Countries

Ancapstands united in hatred of Communism.
Montanity Fellow TNP Exile, Switzerland Impersonator, that's about it, Doesn't post much.
Spiders about to ambush you Republican Spiders.
Hamburber Capitalist Sandwich.
Empire of Beldemark Internet Bully.
San Medici Pretty Chill, too friendly towards Evil Socialist Antarctica.
Rwekazaland speaks in mildly broken English even though he says he's from Ohio. also never capitalises.
Nacoa Dya "I've never seen this man in my life "- Naoca Dia
Haven and Sanctuary nice turtle man.
The Free Bandit Army has the high ground
Bosnian Croatia speaks like the average Xbox user.
Nova-Americana What did you say about QUEBEC!
The Municipalities of Antarctica the Incarnation of Evil itself.