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The Political parties of deep storage

A list of the Political parties of deep storage.
To become a party you must register with Red Ion the party must have five members At least and have a dispatch, that shows the party’s views and a membership list.The party must be Appropriate keep in mind that the citizens of Deep storage may different Political views then you.

The Democrats
Led by Ssejekistan
Check their Dispatch for more information!

I, Ssejekistan, have served Deep Storage for many long months, bringing peace, prosperity, great polls, and more puppet nations to the region. I have done nothing but help Deep Storage in her quest to become a great puppet storage nation. Now, election time is here, and I have formed the political party the Democats.

If you want to join, TG me, post on the RMB, or like the RMB post announcing my political party.

If the Democats win, cat photos will be TGd to every nation who requests it, whether they voted for us or not.


Our views can be summed up as: a voice for every nation. Us Democats believe that every citizen of Deep Storage should have their voice be heard, from Regional Officers, to the lowliest newcomers. There should be no barriers to democracy, and every citizen deserves equal rights.

The Democats stand for:

  • One nation, one vote.

  • Polls on every election and every law.

  • Every nation that joins Deep Storage should get citizenship.

  • Fair and free elections.

  • Equal rights for every citizen of Deep Storage.

  • Letting puppets vote on polls.

  • Deep Storage's puppet regions, including Deep Storage army base and Even Deeper Storage.

  • Cat photos!

    The Democats stand against:

  • Tyrannical WA delegates.

  • Undemocratic principles.

  • Unelected representatives.

  • The enemies of Deep Storage especially those who wish to raid us.

  • Preventing puppets from joining Deep Storage based on their political views.

  • Spelling our party name wrong and by extension, spellcheck.

  • Dog hair.


    All of the members of the Democats so far:

    Ssejekistan, party founder.

    Ruritane, Head Civilian Recreations Officer.

    Serica-, captain in the Deep Storage army.

    Tien Nemh.


    Oysen Empire.


    Fascist Voxija.





    Chinese sikkim.


  • Read dispatch

    Make Deep Storage Great Again Party
    Led by Trumpist Dystopia
    Check their dispatch




    Increase Deep Storage's influence.

    TG important nations to ask them to store their puppets here.

    Beef up the Deep Storage army.

    Becoming more active in interregional politics.

    FREEDOM! MURICA! (no wait, Red Ion's Canadian) CANADUH!!


    Giving any mercy to Deep Storage's enemies.

    Peace doves.


    Trumpist Dystopia, party founder.

    Shark boy, second-in-command.

    Lame Country.

    Weird Florida.

    Ubek ubek.

    Santoff klausen.

    Derp baka.

    Waste land zero.

    Read dispatch