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Weffle Laws

*Note* Although it is strongly encouraged for member nations to apply these laws to their own policies this is simply unrealistic. These laws only truly apply to Federal Weffle territory.

(Going off the basis that 18 year olds are adults)

Section 1 Guns

1.You may only buy shotguns and handguns, rifles and machine guns are illegal as well as explosives.

2. You can’t not buy a gun or have a gun on you in public if your younger than 25

3.you must have a gun license to buy a gun

Section 2 Drugs and other Narcotics

1.only some mild drugs are allowed. Strong drugs are illegal

2.Cigarettes, Cigars, and Pipes are illegal publicly and privately

3.Tobacco is legal

4.You can purchase drugs at 18 years old

Section 3 Alchol and other drinks

1. The Drinking age is 18 years old

Section 4 Driving and Road Safety

1. The Speed Limit in Urban Areas is 45MPH

2. You must have a drivers license to drive

3. The minimum driving age is 16

4. Drivers permits before the legal driving age are given, but with probable cause.( such as supporting your family or special education)

Section 5 Environmental safety

1. Companies are not allowed to dump waste in natural areas(forests, rainforests, glaciers, oceans, rivers, messa etc.)

2.Controlled burnings of vegetation are illegal

Section 6 Gambling

1. Casinos are legal to operate and use

2. Casinos can stay open as long as the owners want

3. The minimum Casino usage age is 18 years old

Section 7 Buisness Restrictions

1. The Minimum Wage is 3Weffle Pounds per hour

Section 8 Government Restrictions

1. “The O.T.T Bill ” or “ The Office Term time Bill”passed by the Court

Elections for Senators and Prime Minister will take place every 3 months

2. "The E.S.P Act" or "The Election Scandal Prevention Act" passed by the Court

In case of a tie in an election. There would be 5 Categories that would be covered.
1.Which side had the most WA members vote
2.Which side had more Nations above a Billion population Vote
3.Which side had more Nations under a Billion population Vote
4.Which side had More people with Medium+ Influence
5.Which side the Senate Members voted in favor for

It will be a point system where Each side would get a point if they won a category. Both sides get a point for if there is a tie in a category.

3. The " Article: S.R.B" or "Article: States Rights Bill" passed by the Court

The Weffle Government can not tell individual Nations to change their Economy, Civil Rights, or Political Freedoms