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April 27, 2020 - Liberation of the Imperium of the Wolf

The Highest Honors
~ For those whom fought ~

| Liberation of the Imperium |

Heroes of the Imperium
By recommendation of Imperium of the Wolf acting delegate The Stratocratic Dictatorship of Tripartite Empire, Imperium and all of her loyal citizens for your efforts in retaking our region, the following regions are hereby award the title of Heroes of the Imperium.

The Wolf Clan
The East Pacific
the South Pacific
the Rejected Realms
The Order of the Grey Wardens
The Free Nations Region
The United Ascendancy
00000 A World Power
Cloak and Dagger
Augustin Alliance
Anti Fairy Pact

Many have fought and died on behalf of the Imperium to attain this glory. To achieve this is among the highest of honors here. You would be wise to follow in their footsteps.

This is the highest honor given within the Imperium of the Wolf, to nations that have performed great deeds on behalf of the region. Their names are forever engraved within the archives to remembered for all eternity. To those that possess the title of Hero of the Imperium* are always allowed passage within our borders and may freely make requests for assistance for any activity within reason.

It is thanks to your long campaign that the vile enemies from Lone Wolves United and The Black Hawks were able to be swept away.

Ave Imperium

*To specify, this is an award granted by the government of the Imperium, not a title of nobility indicating status