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The Great War of Juntalandia

In 1500 BFEWH, the city of Kut, experienced a revolt, which, according to the King of Kut's reactionary proclamation, was fomented by the "devils" of Dorado, as Dorado was an Electric-Chairist nation, and Kut was Cheesist, and those two religions had always been fighting. The revolt was quite easily dealt with by the professional Kutian army. The king of Kut then continued to place blame on Dorado, and when Dorado denied the allegations, Kut declared war. Aquaris and Bastogne followed suit, as they had always hated Dorado and Electric-Chairism. Persepolis, with its newly minted government, saw a chance to form new alliances and legitimize itself, so it to, attacked Dorado. Not wanting such a large alliance to form and be successful, Wille and Harlia joined the war on Dorado's side.