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Anteria - Karma Joint Declaration of Friendship

THE Founder and Administrator of Anteria and the Sages of Karma, with respect to each regionís sovereign government and internal affairs, and in acknowledgement of each otherís strengths and abilities, have chosen to conduct this formal declaration in recognition of their solidarity and friendship, and upon having examined each otherís motives to be in good faith for the well-being of their respective regions, have agreed upon the following:

Article I

The regions of Anteria and Karma will make every effort to make diplomats and other honored guests to each otherís regions feel welcome and respected as well the recognition of the importance of strengthening it by encouraging inter-regional communication through the regional message board or through Discord.

Article II

The regions of Anteria and Karma may consult with each other upon all international questions that pertain to both regions, and will not participate in endeavors that threaten either region ensuring a united front on all foreign threats or events that cause international attention, as well as the safety of both organizations by adopting the same position on international or regional conflicts, forming a strong front of common good.

Article III

The Founder of Anteria and the Sages of Karma have every right to ratify this agreement at any time with permission from both parties, and either party can annul this agreement at any point of violation of this Declaration.

In conclusion, the people of Anteria and Karma, in the interest of fellowship and trust, resolve to do so with each other mutual aid and support with this Declaration of Friendship for the present and times to come;

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned plenipotentiaries have signed their names this day of Monday, April 20th, 2020,

Emiline, Founder and Administrator of Anteria

Administrator and Aid to Emiline

Altino, Founder, Sage, and Guru of Diplomacy of Karma

Fuzz, Yogi and Diplomat for Anteria from Karma

Confederation of TESDAI
TESDAI, Minister of Anteria