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Africa Role Play Map

Welcome to the Africa Role Play Map

Africa as of the 4th February, 2021


This map was based primarily on the official Africa map, found here, and is designed to facilitate roleplay in the region. Regional Message board posts, as long as they are specific, can be included in the map to help people visualise and prepare their own RP. Nations can be identified with by their capital; a pin with the picture of a columned building.

Hopefully, this map can help the countries of Africa, and help the region cultivate deeper, and more active roleplay.

To get a spot* on the RP map please telegram Lower Nubia, by copying and filling out this template for your country:

*New countries are added every other Saturday (unless stated otherwise).

RP Application

RP Country Name:

Your Country's Territories:
(NO MORE than a maximum of 2,000,000 km^2)

Brief (one/two sentence) History On How Your Nation Came To Be:

National Leader(s):

Capital City:

(Not NationStates Statistic)

Primary Cultures:

Primary Religions (if any):

Government Type (Democracy, Dictatorship, Republic, etc...):

Government priority (You have 20 points to use, spread them between the below category to show your governments focus - e.g. Defence = 20):

International Aid.
Law & Order.
Public Transport.
Research & Development.

Military Headquarters:

Total Soldier Count:

Do you consent to participating in wars?

(Correlate where you want things with real-life place names. Otherwise, they will be added to a generic location.)

Questions & Answers:

1) What if the space I want is already occupied?

This map is ultimately first come, first serve, however, as this is an RP map, only countries which actively RP will be included, as part of the rule (1), so there will likely be plenty of space.

2) Why, when I zoom in, does my country not follow the borders properly?

The countries are represented by shapes, which can be manipulated, called polygons. These polygons will never accurately reflect true borders, due to the Coastline Paradox. So it is best to be reasonably accurate, as perfect borders are simply not possible.

3) Does this work on mobile?

It does. When entering the map for the first time on mobile, press the area with "Africa Role Play Map", this will allow you to select or deselect the 'layers'. (This works on my Iphone 6).

*If you have any additional questions, please telegram Lower Nubia. Commonly asked questions will be added to the Q&A.

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