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The Republic of Fourty

Motto: Strength Through Freedom Multiplied By Forty


Population: 40% of NS stats

Capitol: Fourty
Biggest City: Fourty

Animal: Horse

Language: English

Demonym: Fourtyian

Area: 696,300

Currency: Quadek
This currency is in fractions of 1/40. These are minted as these denominations:

Currency Part 2: Denominations
1 Quadek, 2 Quadek, 8 Quadek, 20 Quadek, 40 Quadek

Currency Part 3: Coins
The coins are called by these:
1/2 Quadek, 1/8 Quadek, 1/20 Quadek, and 1/40 Quadek

Leader/Head of State:
Andrew Smith

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Samuel Dirk

This is still a work in progress.