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A Brief History of Paffnia

After years of rule by a succession of empires, the provincial backwater of Paffnia revolted against its oppression under the democratic revolutionary Ilarion Cento. Soon after the revolt's success, though, the newly established Republic of Paffnia was subverted by young dictator Josif Toti, a disaffected Vardinyan rightist rebel. Paffnia soon fell under his autocratic rule for fifty-one years until his death. A peaceful series of protests led by Kiril Gligovor combined with the lack of a designated successor to topple the authoritarian regime and establish the democratic Protectorate of Paffnia, which elected Gligovor, running as a consensus independent, as Prime Minister. Paffnia has been modernizing ever since, consolidating and liberalizing its democracy and economy over twenty years and recently electing PLP leader Aleksandar Vekili, Cento's grandson and Gligovor's deputy, as Prime Minister.

The Protectorate of Paffnia