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Otto’s Secret Document in his desk.

Otto Von Schmidt

Millie Engles: Born April 4th 1906.... my mother was an extraordinary woman. She was born in New Berlin and was an actress. She graduated top of her class in the same university I went to and I miss her very much. She died in 1956 and that was a very hard time for me.

Leopold Schmidt: Born May 4th 1905, He was too an extraordinary man. He was born in Düsseldorf and was the General of the Legion Army in the late 30s and early 40s. I never saw him much and he died in 1963

Heinrich Schmidt: Born on September 17th 1928. My brother was a brave man and fought in the Great Resource War between Kumari Kandum and the Legion. I don’t really remember much from that war but I can tell you it was short.

Fiona Keller: Born February 14th, 1929. My wife.... Fiona. She’s the woman I miss most on my life. She brought light and happiness to my world. Fiona graduated at New Berlin in the Woman’s division of Aviation. We were married in 1950 and bought our house in the Weimar District and settled down. My daughter Caroline was born on June 7th 1952 at 11:56 and my son was born the next day around 12:10.
Sadly, on June 8th 1974, We were on a plane with Fiona, Caroline and Hans going to Port Bernstein so we can celebrate Caroline and Han’s birthday the plane crashed and I somehow survived with minimal injuries. I crawled out the plane and saw the three of them..... dead or dying. I kneeled beside Fiona and held her in my arms crying and saying don’t go. She put her hand on my face and she was gone. Caroline and Hans were dead on impact. I live with the guilt of having survived.

Han’s wife, Jean Gordon for the most part of what I saw was a nice and charitable woman. She was at Han’s house with Mary and got the news. She raised Mary as a single mother . She died eventually around 1990. At this time I was alone and cut tied off with the family and never saw or heard from them again after Jean died.

I never talked to Mary except one time and that was when she was little. Hopefully she is still around and doing well. I heard a rumor she was married but that was about 14 years ago.