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The Ryuu Family

The Ryuu Family is one of the only few families in Powerian history to have such an impact on not only Powerian culture, but Dragons of Power as a whole, with many events of the world all forged from being tied back to this family. They're one of the longest running families when it comes to politics and power, building one of the of the most successful businesses in the world, PowerCorp, with even the new Capital of Dragons of Power being named, after the business after the one of the Great Wars and the destruction of the old capital. PowerCorp, and the Ryuu's only rivals being Chimera Industries owned by the Edgeworth family, a rival business family but on good terms with the Ryuu family, and the Legion Mafia, who the Ryuu's are not a fan of and have quite a history between the two.

The origin of this family is unknown, with Drayce Ryuu, being the first known recorded member of this family. The name "Ryuu", is Powerian for "Spirit Dragon", which the reasons behind this are unknown, but there's been multiple theories on the naming choice, with most being mostly far-fetched. The family history has seemly been heavily tied to dragons and even the Great Dragons at many points and time, with the family first starting out around the time of the old empire, back during the Draconian days of Dragons of Power.

The family is a short lived family, with only three generations that have been recorded, with possibly it's third generation, being it's last. The family is almost dead as whole, with only Mavi Ryuu and Seto Ryuu being the last of the dying family...

Drayce Ryuu:
The name "Drayce" is Powerian for "Modern Dragon". Drayce is the first recorded Ryuu in the family, and is the founder of both PowerCorp and one of three founders of the Neo Dragon Republic. Before Drayce, Dragons of Power was a honorable empire called the Draconian Empire, with it's culture being based on war, honor, and most importantly, family. After the fall of Emperor Mazoku Dracon, grandfather of Wyvern and Drake Dracon, by the hands of the Powerian Resistance, Drayce and along with some others formed the Neo Dragon Republic, which rose from the ashy remains of the old Draconian Empire as a new Republic who abandoned the ways of honor and war, for more peaceful views, while still keeping the same idea of family is the most important thing. The rest of the Ryuus after this, were raised that family is the most important thing to a Powerian and to a Ryuu. During the war, he fell in love with Kaida Caster, who soon after the war, married him and settled down to have a family. He soon afterwards, started a business called PowerCorp, based on weapons making for the new Neo Dragon Republic, with him not realizing that the business would go onto be more successful, with it holding the reign for biggest company in the war until the second civil war.

"War, honor, what does that all mean? What is someone's self pride worth more than the people around you? Is your personal pride and honor worth risking not only the lives of your family, but friends and other loved ones as well? No it's not, and we should value our family before all else. Friends, loved ones, dragons, they're family too, we as a community, are a family, as a nation. So, put one another before you put anything else, because we're a family, and that's what is most important."

-Drayce Ryuu

Kaida Ryuu:
Kaida Caster was the Fire War General during the time of the Draconian Empire, being one of leading generals in charge of destroying the Powerian rebellion. Her name comes from the Powerian word "Kaidan" means "Little Dragon". She serve for the Draconian army, being one of seven military generals, with each one being based off of the category for dragon species type. After leading many battles during the war, she was captured by the Powerians. She was interrogated for information, and once they got the information, they let her go. After her being released, Kaida was left confused on why she was realized, after all, she's kill hundreds of Powerian soldiers, and wanted to know why she was let off so easily. After going back for answers, she met Drayce, who at the time, was one of Three Leaders of the Powerian Resistance. She wanted answers, and with Drayce being hesitant, he agreed, and told her everything, from Powerian goals and why they exist, to how flawed the Draconian ways were. After a sudden realization and a change of mind, Kaida joined the Powerian Resistance, helping them aid further through the war, and in the end, winning it all. Kaida during her time serving with Drayce, and after the war, married him, and settled down with him to have a family. Soon after that, the second generation of Ryuu kids were born.

Josiah Ryuu:
Josiah is the oldest of three from the second generation of the Ryuu Family. His name means "Life" in Powerian, which it having a metaphor meaning the first Ryuu child of the family. At a young age, he met his best friend, Drake Dracon, who was born with a nature gift of having the ability to shoot fire, control fire, and breathe fire. The Dracon family where good friends with the Ryuus, with Drake's father server with Drayce as one of the three head generals during the war, and with the two family's close friendship, Josiah and Drake became quick and great friends. Josiah growing up was always interested in politics and business & marketing, which is a hobby that he shared well with his father. After many years, he became a politician, striving for a better laws and ideas for the Neo Dragon Republic. After Drayce's retirement from PowerCorp, Josiah took over, filling in his father's footsteps and taking in the direction that his father started. He soon met Marry Rose, who he quickly fell in love with. He then ran for president, with him winning rather quickly and becoming president, with his close friend Drake being his vice president.

Around this time afterwards, Mary and Josiah got married, with them having their first child rather quickly, name him Seto. After this, Josiah took a dark turn.....trying secret experiments in PowerCorp that most of the Powerian government at the time didn't even know, with Drake being in full support this, actually being the one to pressure Josiah into doing many things, creating many beasts and disasters of experiments, with one of the more notable ones, being Triple Strike. Soon after this, Josiah and Mary's second child was born, naming him Mavi. Josiah fell for more pressure from corruption around him, and it pushed him to a point that it made him do the unthinkable. Experimentation on his own children. Drake had pressured him saying that they could be great for the children with a few Government officials, but in reality, they wanted to test the ability of power experimentation in creating an unstoppable army, like the old days of war. Mavi and Seto being their test subjects, with Drake later in life lying to Seto about him and Mavi being experiments that Josiah created for war, which only broke Seto at the time, which was his intent at that moment.

Josiah, with help from Drake and his sister, Muriel, took the powers that Muriel and Drake were born with naturally, and made that power apart of Mavi and Seto, with it resulting in the brothers having those abilities tied to not only their body, but to their own biology. Mary soon found out, and was furious, breaking into an argument with a already regretting Josiah, who instantly regretted his choice. After the huge conflict, Josiah shut down all PowerCorp experiments, even some that weren't even completed. He swore to never to do anything like that again, and soon settled with his family, being the best father he could be while running PowerCorp and being president, winning a second term as president, before his unfortunate death in a horrible accident that left Mary heartbroken and Seto scarred emotionally.

Muriel Ryuu:
Muriel was the middle child, with unlike her brothers, she was born with a special gift, the power of water, also being able to control ice and some other forms of water. She grew up learning how to use her powers, but keeping them secret to keep her safe, with only the family and Dracon family knowing, due to them being such close friends between the families. She grew up quickly, striving to be a doctor, and with the support of her family, she did. Muriel was one of the top doctors of the DragonCorp hospital located near the capital. After falling for pressure from Drake Dracon, she hesitantly joined her older brother Josiah, in giving Josiah's kids the abilities that they have today. Her water abilities, were given to Mavi, with her later on in life training him with his abilities has he grew up, being his mentor. Around the time of her brother's death, Drake became in power. He had already planted the seeds of corruption, and had taken the Neo Dragon Republic back in the same direction of the old Draconian Empire ways. She, like her brother Nathan, retreated into hiding, with them both having targets on their heads from Drake for them knowing more that they should. About ten years later, she came out of hiding to help Seto, Jade, and Mavi, with afterwards, her resuming her training with Mavi, followed by her untimely death in the hands of Wyvern Dracon, the brother of Drake.

Nathan Ryuu:
Nathan is the youngest of his siblings, with like his older brother, was not born with powers. He never really showed much interest in things, except his own personal goals. As he got a lot older, he met a woman named Enyo Villin. They quickly feel in love, and had a child, with his name being Raidyn. Soon, Enyo showed to be a bit crazier than she let on, always starting fights with Nathan, and pressuring him to get into drugs and other terrible things with her even abusing Raidyn as he grew up. Nathan soon got himself into conflict with bad people, getting beat up and was rushed to the hospital. He needed a wake up call, and who better to give it than big brother. Josiah after Nathan's recover went to talk to Nathan, and after a small argument and Josiah giving his little brother a pep talk, Nathan did a lot of thinking that night, and of course, got arrested for being in possession of drugs. Drayce bailed his son, and did a lot of rethinking in his life. Afterwards, he and Enyo divorced, with Nathan fighting in court to get full custody. With a good fight, he won full custody after showing evidence of abuse from Enyo that has hurt Raidyn. Afterwards, Enyo went to prison for many charges. Nathan did his best to be a father to Raidyn, raising him the best he could, and doing a pretty good job. Once Drake rose in power after Josiah's death, he like his sister went into hiding with Raidyn, wanting to protecting Raidyn from harm. Drayce Ryuu and Kaida Ryuu, met their untimely death shortly after this. The cause behind their deaths are unknown, but Muriel and Nathan had a good idea what happened.

Mary Ryuu:
Mary Rose was one of the top Astrologers for the PSRO, short for Powerian Space Research Organization. With the funding technology from the Government, the PSRO discovered many planets and species of dragon, with the new ability to travel to such planets and places. In her early career, she met Josiah Ryuu, and after them falling in love and got married, they had two children, Mavi and Seto. She soon lead many Space adventures with her team, meeting Comet and Astral, who soon Astral became her dragon with Seto getting Comet as his little best friend. Mary was brave, and after Josiah's death, she was devastated, with her only thing keeping her going was Mavi and Seto. When Seto and Mavi were teenagers, she was diagnose with Heart Disease, and died in the arms of her two children, leaving Mavi and Seto orphans, with no family left.

Enyo Ryuu:
Enyo Ryuu is the older sister of Wyrm Villin, who Wyrm later marries Wyvern Dracon. Enyo is the ex-wife of Nathan Ryuu, who she kept the name Ryuu over her last name Villin. After she was released from prison, she met up with her sister, and hasn't been heard from since. Her name "Enyo" is Powerian for "war and evil", standing as a metaphor of her ways and how she treated Nathan and her son, Raidyn.

Raidyn Adian Ryuu:
Raidyn, like his aunt Muriel, was born with powers, but not water. He was born with lightning, yellow lightning to be specific. He grew up having a harsh young childhood of abuse from his mother and constant arguing from his parents. He naturally came to fear his mother, clinging to his father at a young age. He cares deeply for his father, and his father did his best to protect him. As he got older he became a politician like his cousins, pushing for more interests welfare and family support laws, due to him coming from a family that was broken when he was born. He got quite along with his cousins, as if the three were brothers. He is older than Mavi, while only being about nine months younger than Seto. Like his father, their location are unknown, even with most not even believing that they're alive anymore.

Mavi Aquairus Ryuu:
Mavi Ryuu, better known as Blue Ryuu. His name "Mavi" is Powerian for "Blue", with him finding the name Blue better and easier to remember than Mavi. He, like his brother, naturally wasn't born with powers, but he was given his powers at a young age. Blue grew up a normal life, with him meeting his dragon Tidalwave on the beach as a baby stranded and dying. Blue nursed him back to health with the help of Mary and Josiah, and Tidal soon became apart of the family. Blue never was really interested in anything besides fighting, but he did like winning, so as his brother and father did, he got into politics, becoming a politician. After Drake "disappeared" and a snap election was required, Seto won the snap election with ease, and moved Dragons of Power back away from the Draconian ways, and removing corruption for the most part. During Drake's time as President, Drake had claims a small island off the coast of Dragons of Power and Kumari Kandum, with the entire island being a huge colony of people. With Seto's approval, Blue set up a government there, and becoming independent, and forming the nation known as Turtle Town. He is currently president of Turtle Town, as he set up a direct democracy there due to there not being that many people compared to the rest of the world. The nation quickly grew, and now is a force to be reckon with in combat, being trained the same ways as Powerian soldiers and having the same technology but with their own spin on it. After the second civil war and the fall of the Neo Dragon Republic, Turtle Town has cut all connections with the world, and has put Turtle Town in a isolated country, with Wyvern sending Ace, a highly trained bounty hunter who has been apart of the Legion's history for a good amount a time, was sent out to assassinate Blue. Blue barely escaped, with Ace thinking that Blue is dead, and for that, the rest of the world thinks that as well.

Seto Blayze Ryuu:
Seto Ryuu is the oldest child of Josiah and of the third generation of Ryuu, with his name "Seto" coming from the Powerian word "Seta", which means "To set on fire". Seto is arguably the best known Ryuu from the family, due to many world events that have involved him in some way. Seto at a young age, didn't have a dragon and had a hard time making friends. He was socially awkward and shy, and still kinda is to this day. When they were younger, already Blue met Tidal before Seto even got a dragon of his own, and with Seto not being socially awkward for even his age, and had didn't have any friends, but that change when he met Comet, who has had a terrible past of his own. They quickly bonded, and Comet became Seto's best friend growing up. At the age of 14, a fight between Seto and Mavi resulted in an accident that killed their father, Josiah. Seto grew up with that guilt of causing the death of his father, refusing to use his fire, seeing it more of a curse than a gift. But, that guilt only doubled when his mother died in his and Blue's arms. Overtime, he met Manfred Von Bismark, Yassine Kabbal, and Draco Fraylex, who all became some of his best friends. That guilt he has carried since he was about eight, only got worse as he and Manfred watch a blast which that was meant for Seto, hit Yassine. Yassine died in Seto's arms, leaving his scarred, then shortly after, he lost Manfred in aiding him in a battle against DeltaSource, as one of their commanders named Aria, killed Manfred in combat. Seto then in anger, after holding his dying friend, got up, and executed Aria, instead of taking her as a prisoner. Then, that guilt more than tripled after a civil war caused from him being mentally weak after Manfred's and Yassine's death, along with everything else that has happened, making him mentally and physically unable to lead anymore. He lost the civil war after Jade mysteriously disappearing for unknown reasons, causing him to be broken during the final battle, only losing his fight with Wyvern Dracon, which left his mortally wounded and scarred, thought to be dead that the end of that, but being saved by Comet and with medical help, he's in hiding like everyone else, thought to be dead like his brother, letting the world believe that the Ryuu Family, is dead.

Ryuu Family Connections:

Jade Emerson:- Jade is Seto's girlfriend and long time best friend. They met by waking up in captured in a cell along with Yassine Kabbal by a Space Empire lead by Jack Serith. Jade as always been loyal to Seto, and vice versa. Jade has Seto's full trust, and vice versa, with the two going through hell together and only each other are what's left that keeps them going. They are in hiding currently after the civil war, doing their best to survive on their own while the both of them are mortally wounded.

The Emerson Family- Josiah and Mary Ryuu were good friends with Diana and Wyatt Emerson, parents of Jade and Caleb Emerson. Believe it or not, Jade and Seto were friends when they little, but due to reasons of safety for both families, both of their memories of one another were erased and the families lost contact with one another shortly after, with Josiah and Mary sadly hearing about the deaths of the family, not know that Jade was alive and sold into slavery in Emercondia.

Draco Fraylex- Seto's last remaining best friend who isn't Jade or Blue. Draco has been a loyal friend, fighting along side Seto in the Powerian Army, being one of the head Generals of the armory and being head of Dragon Riders.

The Dracon Family- They two families where close friends, but that changed when Drake rose in power and had his own goals, and even before the families became best friends, they were in conflict against one another during the first civil war. Drake died by the hands of Seto in a duel on the Planet Xach. He died by a stab to the heart by a Plasma Sai, but not before he cut off Seto's left leg.
Wyvern now has taken control of Dragon of Power, after causing a civil war. Wyvern's hate of Seto comes from Seto indirectly caused the death of his son during a war with The Legion of Mankind and New Makasta. Near the end of the civil war, Muriel came to rescue Seto right before Wyvern had a chance to actually kill him. Wyvern killed Muriel Ryuu in a blind rage after Muriel cut off the hand of Wyrm Dracon, Enyo's younger sister, who was his wife.

The Edgeworth Family- The Edgeworth family have always been on good terms with the Ryuu family, while still being business rivals. Seto met Zane Edgeworth at a young age, with Zane becoming one of Seto's many close friends before many events happened between the two, resulting in a horrible conflict.

The Legion Mafia- Unlike the Edgeworth family, they've never been friendly towards the Ryuus and PowerCorp, There has been many business wars between the two, with the two messing with one another's shipments and resources. The conflict has died down due to the fall of PowerCorp and the Neo Dragon Republic, with the Legion Mafia still standing to this day.