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Regulation of dangerous ideologies

1. This law does not apply to a nation's IC (in character) and RP (roleplay) actions. The Regional government of Altay does not care if a nation is named "The holy satanist new age theocracy of Daddy Stalin and his Nazbol waifu Hillary Trump-Clinton" unless the player behind this nation genuinly supports such ideology him/herself.

2. A nation can bare any ideology and flag that is in compliance with the rules of the NationStates game. The player is not to be mocked or antagonised for the ideology and symbols of his nation. However, joking about a nation in a friendly manner is allowed.

3. All players in Altay shall conduct their mutual OOC (out of character) and non-RP interactions based on the following ideals:
•freedom of speech - a player can say anything as long as it does not violate the rules of the NationStates game and the RMB etiquette of Altay
•friendliness - nobody shall strive to make unnecessary enemies. Always treat others the way you would treat yourself. Bad intent behind the other person's actions is advised to not be assumed.
•suppression of hatered towards people - no person shall be hated, only one's wrongdoing and inconsiderate actions shall be hated.

4. All ideologies contradicting the abovementioned ideals are condemned and shall not be promoted by Altay as long as they appear outside a nation's IC realm and RP.

Such ideologies are for example:
Communism and it's relatives, Fascism and its relatives, National socialism and its relatives, Anarchy, any form of supremacism that elevates a certain group of people above the others*, anything that supports conspiracy theories and rejects scientific knowledge, anything authoritarian, anything promoting a voluntary termination of a human life

The abovementioned list may be expanded in the future.

*this does not include the acknowledgement of natural supremacy. E.g. the supremacy of intelligent people over stupid people when it comes to knowledge and wisedom, the supremacy of good singers over bad singers when it comes to singing, etc.

Written by Founder Eastern Tatarstan on 6th March 2020, passed by Founder Eastern Tatarstan and Supreme chairman Yanab on 15th March 2020.