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The World Factbook Project

What is the World Factbook Project?

The World Factbook Project is The North Pacific's equivalent to the real-world LinkCIA World Factbook. The program showcases the various relationships held by The North Pacific to the world. We hope that this project will prove informative and useful to our nations who are interested in getting to know more about The North Pacific's foreign relationships and diplomatic outreach.

An entry for each of our embassy partners will be gradually added over the coming weeks.

Embassy Partners of The North Pacific

Something requires updating! Who can I contact?

If you notice an entry that requires updating then we encourage you to get in touch with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pallaith! Or post in our forum thread Linkhere.

How can I get involved in this project?

If you are a resident of The North Pacific and you are interested in getting more involved in this project, we encourage you to apply to join the Foreign Affairs Ministry in the Executive Staff. You can apply Linkhere.