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RP | TCN | Condemnation of the Republic of Paleocacher

RESOLUTION #007 Condemnation of the Republic of Paleocacher
To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The Serene State of Quebecshire, The Republic of Terranihil, The Empire of Willdavie, The Islamic Republic of Greater Sacramento


Recognizing the recent controversy and arrest of Paleocacherian citizens for weapons trafficking near Morova in late 2019,

Understanding the need for legal consequences to the conspirators of the incident and related plots,

Nonetheless concerned at the recent executions in Paleocacher,

Questioning the legitimacy of the legal proceedings to convict the accused,

Appalled at the methodology of the executions in question,

Disavowing the public nature of the aforementioned executions,

Seeking accountability for the states in the Terraconserva Council of Nations,


Condemns the executions and the torturous method in which they were performed.

Calls upon the Terraconserva Council of Nations General Assembly to convene upon and draft legislation to address the following:

Suggests the intervention of Aurebeshia-level authorities in regard to Paleocacherian repercussions to prevent a necessity for furthered Council of Nations involvement.

Demands a public admission of fault and compensation for the families of the executed from the government of Paleocacher.

Advises the Council of Nations to revisit this issue for possible sanctions to be evaluated should Paleocacher not properly rectify these exploits.

Hereby unequivocally condemns the horrors carried about by the Republic of Paleocacher.