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Prime Minister Campaign

Marvinville for Prime Minister

Why I’m running for Prime Minister

I am running for Prime Minister of Thaecia to continue to build this region and to bring upon a major revival movement. I have learned through my time in Thaecia is that working with other parties is how you succeed here. It is very important for me to work with all parties and individuals to complete my agenda that will bring a major revival to the region that is very much needed. I am running as an Independent because I am done with petty political partisanship in our region. For this region to be united, we need to work together to complete our agenda. I have been in Thaecia since May last year and served in both the House of Commons and Senate. I have also served as a President in two prior regions so I know how to accomplish my agenda while working with all people with different beliefs of the future of this region. I hope to gain your support through this campaign and I hope to receive your vote during the election! It is time for a massive Thaecian revival!

My Platform and Agenda

Ministry of Recruitment

I strongly disagree with Prime Minister Rayekka’s decision to remove his Ministry of Recruitment that he created at the beginning of his PM term. If I become Prime Minister, I vow to bring back the Ministry of Recruitment and to also write out a bill to make it a required position in our government in the future. We need an active Recruitment Minister that will bring in new nations that want to get involved in our government. I also support and will continue the recruitment challenge that is currently going on in the discord server.

My Approach to Foreign Affairs

My approach to Foreign Affairs is simple. I want to propel the region in Foreign Affairs. I will look to open embassies and build stronger relationships with larger regions. I want to build the regions alliances with other regions where we can unite with them and create connections. Our embassy with the free nations region is a great step and I will want to continue to move forward in that direction. We will also not rejoin AoR since that is a corrupt and weak inter-regional organization.

Bicameralism Vs. Unicameralism

I will support the peoples decision in the referendum between Bicameralism and Unicameralism. I will not look to change our legislative branch to Unicameralism unless it has enough support.

More Transparency

If I become the Prime Minister of Thaecia, I will release weekly reports of the executive branch to improve transparency within our government. I will answer any questions that our citizens have through my term because they have the right to know what we are doing for them in this region.

Stand up for all Citizens

As the Prime Minister of Thaecia, I will stand up and fight for all Thaecians in our government. If you want to see something happen in this region, I will do it for you. All you would need to do is to telegram me or send me a message on discord. My dms are open for you to talk to me because that is very important for the success of this region's government.

An Independent Approach

I am running for Prime Minister of Thaecia as an Independent Candidate. I will not work for any political party in this region and I will have an independent approach to my agenda in this region. My cabinet will consist of members of multiple parties so we have a diverse executive branch. It is best to be united instead of divided so that's why I'm running as an Independent.

Inter-regional Football (soccer) League

This is one of the most exciting parts of my agenda for Prime Minister. It will improve relations with other regions while also having some fun in an event. I did this when I was in The LCRUA and it was a huge success and very popular. We got some big name regions to join it as well, like 10000 islands and Wintreath.


If you want to endorse my campaign for Prime Minister, please let me know!