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Anteria Starting Guide [READ UPON JOINING]

Welcome to Anteria!

We are a region that is open to everyone, with the one exception that you follow these simple steps to join in.

  1. If possible, join the World Assembly and endorse Lesser Velutaria as the WA Delegate to help defend Anteria and keep it a safe, open region

  2. Join our discord! We would love to hear from you! LinkClick here to join our discord server.

  3. Say something on the RMB! Most of our Roleplay is done on the RMB and there is no restrictions on participating in role play!

If at any point you have a question, comment, or concern feel free to telegram, Lesser Velutaria,Prybourne, or Hatstheput.

Some rules to keep in mind when creating your iiWiki page or participating in regional-wide RP:

Anteria is closed-world. It means that RL nations are NOT recognized as canon and therefore do NOT exist.