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Creative Uses for AugustinAndroid v2

[i]Last updated on Sunday, January 31st, 2021. If you find this dispatch helpful, please upvote.[/i]
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[box]There are many ways to use AAbot beyond the commands listed in the help menu! Here are a few of them. Submit your own creative uses and I will include them in this dispatch with credit!

[*]Search Wikipedia or other websites
1. Find the base search URL for the website you want. Here are a few.
[tab=30][/tab][i]Wikipedia:[/i] [font=courier]https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?sort=relevance&search=[/font]
[tab=30][/tab][i]DuckDuckGo:[/i] [font=courier]https://duckduckgo.com/?q=[/font]
[tab=30][/tab][i]Google:[/i] [font=courier]http://www.google.com/search?q=[/font]
[tab=30][/tab][i]Bing:[/i] [font=courier]https://www.bing.com/search?q=[/font]

2. Add an alias called "wiki" for a command that will post the search URL in the current channel. To do so, use the command [font=courier]>alias add wiki post here -nospace https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?sort=relevance&search=[/font]. You can put the "-nospace" flag anywhere after "wiki," but it is needed to remove the space between the URL and your query.

3. Try it! From now on, the bot will respond to [font=courier]>wiki nationstates[/font] with "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NationStates."
[*]Allow your staff to collectively manage your information channel
1. Create an information/rules channel if you do not have one already. We can call it #info.

2. Use the command [font=courier]>post #info[/font] in another channel and attach the server's banner to your message. The bot will send that image to #info.

3. Add sections of text using the command [font=courier]>post #info The current president of the region is August[/font].

4. Anytime the text needs to be updated, a member in the Moderator permissions bracket or above can right-click or long-press the message they want to edit and copy the message link. This link will look something like [font=courier]https://discordapp.com/channels/227549519103918080/657515416226365460/657646768724508693[/font].

5. Then, they can use the command [font=courier]>edit [message link] The current president of the region is September[/font]. If they make a mistake, no problem--the bot responds to the command with a copy of the old text.

Here is an example of how it might look:
[*]Back up your region's info
1. Use the commands [font=courier]>wfe[/font], [font=courier]>officers[/font], and [font=courier]>embassies[/font] and pin the bot's responses. If your region is raided or destroyed by a rogue official, you can quickly refer back to those messages in your restoration efforts.

2. If you think you will forget to run the commands yourself, use [font=courier]>combine[/font] to run them all at once and [font=courier]>schedule[/font] to run them automatically. The command [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1w combine wfe Conch Kingdom,,officers Conch Kingdom,,embassies Conch Kingdom[/font] will post the WFE, regional officers, and embassies for the region Conch Kingdom once a week.
[*]Adjust your voice region periodically throughout the day so it matches the people who are awake at the time
1. Say you have members from all over the world and they all like to VC every afternoon in their local time, but they are complaining about the latency because your server's voice region is set to US East and their audio has to travel twenty thousand miles from point A to point B. Is this a highly specific problem? Absolutely, but the point is that the bot can remedy all sorts of specific problems!

2. The time is 1 PM on the US East Coast. You know your Western European members like to chat around this time, so the command [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1d server_edit region europe[/font] will move the voice region to their neighborhood now and at the same time every day.

3. A couple hours later, all your American comrades are online, so you bring the voice region back home with [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1d server_edit region us east[/font].

4. Rinse and repeat! You can find all the available voice regions in the Overview area of your server settings.
[*]Create a command that enables your government to post formal-looking updates
1. Use [font=courier]>alias[/font] to shorten the long command [font=courier]>quick_embed[/font]. For example, [font=courier]>alias add announce quick_embed #announcements 00137c https://www.example.com none https://i.imgur.com/9KbkGhZ.png "OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT"[/font] would make an alias called "announce."

2. Try it! From now on, the bot will respond to [font=courier]>announce Testing again![/font] by posting this message in the #announcements channel:
[*]Set up a channel that is only open between midnight and 3 AM
1. We can call the channel #after_hours. Use the command [font=courier]>lock #after_hours[/font] in any channel. This will remove permissions from everyone except your server staff.

2. At midnight, use the command [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1d lock #after_hours[/font]. This will reopen the channel now and at the same time every day.

3. At 3 AM, use the exact same command again. This will close the channel now and at the same time every day.
[*]Send reminders to your CTE members to revive their nations
1. Enable the CTE role in the bot's settings if you have not done so already. First, create a role, which you can call "CTE" (or whatever you want). Open the menu with [font=courier]>settings[/font] and navigate to Automatic Roles -> NSVerify Roles -> Ceased to exist, then set "CTE" as the role.

2. Combine [font=courier]>mass dm[/font] and [font=courier]>schedule[/font]. The command [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1w mass dm CTE Please revive your nations![/font] will send out a DM to each member with no living, verified nations on a weekly basis.
[*]Alert everyone subscribed to your region's weekly podcast
1. Set up an alert for your podcast. [font=courier]>alert_type add podcast[/font] will do it, but you still need subscribers.

2. Let everyone know about the alerts system! All they have to do is use the command [font=courier]>subscribe podcast[/font]. Repeating the command will take them off the list.

3. Send out an alert to all subscribers automatically. If you release an episode once a month at the same time, use the command [font=courier]>schedule repeat 1o send_alert podcast[/font]. (You can also just do [font=courier]>send_alert podcast[/font] if your release schedule is less predictable.)
[*]Have the bot respond to >_> with <_< instead of "The command _> does not exist"
1. Wow, you read this far! Ever get tired of the bot snapping at you when you say >_>? Use the command [font=courier]>alias add _> post here <_<[/font]. Now the bot will give a slightly more human response.
[*]Add silly custom commands that target members
1. There are a lot of ways you can make custom commands with AAbot, but sometimes you just want to hit someone. Use the command [font=courier]>alias add bonk post here *bonks $m with a rolling pin*[/font].

2. Try [font=courier]>bonk @August[/font] whenever he gets too uppity!

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[i]Created by [nation=noflag]august[/nation]. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, without explicit permission.[/i]