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The Margravate of Francia

The VIIth Legion formally arrived via time-warp in 1884, formally, but a much smaller force had been depositied centuries earlier. The 884th Void Assault Company, 97 strong, was depositied straight from the Siege of Terra in 843 CE, into outside modern-day Aachen, Germany - then the capital of the Carolingian Empire. The 884th immediately began setting up a fortress-monastery, remaining in seclusion, venturing forth only to conscript new neophytes and acquire workers for their fortress-monastery. Gradually, the 884th set up various outposts throughout Central Europe - sites of vital importance, either housing dangerous Chaotic energies, or the sites of vital resources such as uranium, titanium, and rare earth metals, or small keeps nearby major cities. Gradually, the Fist insignia of the VIIth became known throughout Europe, and the secretive, Gold-clad warriors of the 884th known variously as Angels or as spawn of the Devil, depending upon who they inflicted their wrath. All the while, the 884th waited, gradually losing their equipment to clashes with Daemons and other threats to their domain.

A far larger force arrived in 1884, an interesting coincidence to the name of the 884th, though the Vagrancies of the Warp are often not bereft of such matchings, as the denizens of the Immaterium oft find them amusing. A motely collection of survivors from the Siege of Terra, thrown from their positions by the impact of the twin deaths of the Angel Sanguinius and of the Arch-Traitor Horus into the Warp, emerged across Europe. The famed 102nd Breach Echelon, the much-reduced 66th Armored Company, the brutal 18th Assault Cadre, and the cold troopers of the 742nd Siege Company all warped across the Central European Plain, along with the Terminator-clad Templars of Assault Squads Ascalon and Amalfian, and the Templar Command Force Lothian. All these were rapidly integrated into the 884th's command structure, and the Fists struck, seizing control of the lands of Germany and France, tying together scattered domains to ensure the longevity of the Imperium.

The Fists, united under the command of Lord Castellan Romarich, quickly established control over these lands, and proclaimed the Margravate of Francia, a revival of an ancient title used by the Carolingians with which the 884th's veterans were intensely familiar.

Now, the VIIth serves as both the upper command echelon of Francia, and it's foremost protectors, though the mortal Francian Guard has been rapidly trained and expanded into a massive force in it's own right. Under the incorruptible leadership of the Imperial Fists, Francia has been transformed into a peer industrial state, though precious little of the Fists' advanced technology is shared with their lessers. Francia is a 21st-century power, lead and protected by 300th-century demigods.

Imperial Fist Command Hierarchy

Legionary High Command: Lord Castellan Romarich

884th Void Assault Company: Seneshal Werner

102nd Breach Echelon: Lord Seneshal Gottfried

66th Armored Company: Captain Erwin

18th Assault Cadre: Seneshal Friedrich

742nd Siege Company: Seneshal Ostwald

Templar Command Force Lothian: Lord Seneshal Hildemar
Lord Seneshal Hildemar, Double-handed Paragon Blade and Bolt Pistol, MkIII Artificer Armor (Paladin Pattern)
Chaplain Ludovico, Crozius Arcanum and Tower Shield, reinforced MkIII Artificer Armor (Impregnum Pattern)
Champion Oswald, Paragon Blade, Bolt Pistol, Hand shield, MkIII Artificer Armor (Paladin Pattern)
Ancient Bors, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, and Legionary Standard, MkIII Artificer Armor (Templar Pattern)
Templar Ludgard, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Hand Shield, MkIII Artificer Armor (Templar Pattern)
Templar Walter, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Hand Shield, MkIII Artificer Armor (Templar Pattern)
Templar Sachso, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Hand Shield, MkIII Artificer Armor (Templar Pattern)

Templar Squad Ascalon: Brother-Sergeant Grymhold
Five Indomitus Assault Terminators, brothers Grymhold, Anno, Gerhard, Ulrich, and Ludwig.

Templar Squad Amalfian: Brother-Sergeant Maximilian
Five Indomitus Assault Terminators, brothers Maximilian, Aramus, Heinrich, Buchard, Everard

Francian Guard:

The Francian Guard is the combined military arm of New Inwit, composed of the Francian Ground Troops, the Francian Air Force, and the Francian Sea Guard, along with the subsidiary Francian Air Defense Forces, Francian Defense League, and the Francian Border Troops.

The Francian Ground Forces are one of the three primary branches of the Francian Guard, and are responsible for the defense of the Margravate's territory and assisting the VIIth Legion in offensive operations. The FGT is a heavily mechanized force with highly offensive tactics, and is renowned for it's high-powered artillery and frequent use of chemical weapons as force multipliers. Elite units of the FGF include the Francian Raider Groups and the elite Life Guard Division, which operates closely in concert with the Imperial Fists when they require heavy firepower or support. The Francian Ground Forces operate a variety of tactical radiological, chemical, biological, atomic, vortex, and phosphex weapons, mounted on short-range rockets and ballistic and cruise missiles.

The Francian Air Force is the primary Air Force of the Margravate, charged with conducting tactical and strategic air to ground missions against enemy targets, and seizing and holding enemy airspace. FAF aircraft are typically heavily-built, resilient, and heavily armed. The FAF operates a variety of tactical and strategic weapons, from fighter-carried tactical gravity bombs, to long-range air-launched cruise missiles carried by heavy bombers and interdictor aircraft.

The Francian Sea Guard is charged with protecting the Francian coastline and projecting power throughout the Baltic, North, and Atlantic Seas, and on occasion, beyond. The FSG operates a variety of surface and subsurface combatants, along with it's own air wing - the Francian Naval Air Guard - which specializes in antiship and antisubmarine missions. The Francian Sea Guard operates a variety of sea-launched cruise missiles from both it's surface and subsurface fleets.

Francian Mediterranean Fleet:

Flagship: Bucephalus, Sovereign-class Battlecruiser.

2 Sovereign-class Battlecruisers
2 Carriers
7 Cruisers
44 Escorts

Francian Northern Fleet:

Flagship: Orpheus, Sovereign-class Battlecruiser.

3 Sovereign-class Battlecruisers
2 Carriers
11 Cruisers
37 Escorts

Francian Baltic Fleet:

Flagship: Temerity, Titan-class Cruiser.

1 Titan-class Cruiser
18 Escorts
59 Fast Attack Craft

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