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Operation Shock 20 - the drafting announcement

Allie, get your gun!

Recently, a region that had became an object of interest of the Regional government of Altay has been raided. Our Leader, Eastern Tatarstan, considers it his sacred duty to overthrow the invading forces and establish a protectorate in order to restore the raided region as much as possible and to prevent it from being raided again.
This struggle was going superbly. The Regional government of Altay has ceased the power in the region and was now waiting to gain enough influence to password-protect it. The raiders haven't noticed our presence in their trophy region, everithing seemed to be going as planned. However, yesterdat the region was attacked again, this time by the North Pacific Army.
The Regional government of Altay deemed it's original plan utterly unsuitable. In search of a better alternative, we aggreed that refounding the region, although quick and easy to execute, is by all means unacceptable and should be attempted only as a last, hopeless solution after all other options fail.

Now we present you the new strategy of the Regional government. A nation with a sufficiently high influence shall move to the said region at 18:00 UTC and get endorsed. The exact date will be chosen later. Uppon becoming the WA Delegate, it would have still had high enough influence to password-protect the region with a secret password known to the Regional government of Altay as well. After the password is established and a delegate of the Regional government occupies an office with all possible authorities, the nation of high influence may return or stay.

However, the Regional government of Altay has a direct control over only three nations suitable for this tactic and it has been agreed that none of them shall be used.
That's where You, our allied region, come in!
You have tens of nations with influence that is way beyond what we need, way beyond what we have. Therefore we approach you as one of our last hopes for victory!

We call the nation with influence of 500 and more,
Altay needs YOU!

We count on you!
Your participation shall never be forgotten. After we succeed, we award you both the highest award of Altay and an office in the protectorate.

For more information and to apply for the operation Shock 20, please, contact Delegate Aydan Oemoerdoegoenoez.


Eastern Tatarstan

Supreme Chairman

The honorable Eastern Tatar company
HETC director

Aydan Oemoerdoegoenoez
HETC delegate