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The Evils of Cultural Marxism


This is a topic that I feel deserves a lot of attention. In all reality, this actually isn't going to be an opinion article, but rather, the truth and facts laid out before your very eyes. So, let's get into it.

Today, the forces of the right and third position world face a sizable foe, a foe which goes by many aliases. This foe goes by third wave feminism, identity politics, gender benders, "SJW"s, and countless more, but any knowledgeable person realizes that this combined foe is Cultural Marxism, an abhorrent ideology which poses a severe threat to the very progression and advancement of human society and culture. Where did this foe come from, and how did it rise? Let me give you a history lesson so we can learn the origins of this enemy. (if you want to skip the history lesson, click here)


We need to go through decades of history and backstory in order to understand and comprehend the issues we face today, and that is why the story starts on September 22, 1940. The Imperial Japanese Army began an invasion of French Indochina, a region of South East Asia comprising of modern-day Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia under French control. Throughout the occupation, the Japanese were riddled by resistance fighters, communist and non-communist alike. The Japanese fought to quell these insurgents, until their eventual defeat in 1945 following the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans. Following their defeat, the region of Indochina was returned to France. As soon as the colony was given back to the French, the rifles of the Vietnamese guerrilla fighters had just stopped smoking before they turned them on the French, starting another insurgency in 1950, in which the northern portion of Vietnam was a hellscape of revolution and insurgency. In 1954, France decided it was time to cut its losses and let the region of Indochina break away and establish 4 new nations; Cambodia, Laos, North Vietnam, and South Vietnam. A communist regime was established in North Vietnam, and an anti-communist regime was established in the south. Our story begins to unfold here.

The United States was heavily interested in supporting the anti-communist South Vietnam, and the two nations were at war in no time. In 1964, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, a naval skirmish between a US naval vessel and a Vietnamese gunboat, ignited full American military involvement in the ongoing war between the two Vietnams. By the late 1960's, hundreds of thousands of Americans were drafted and deployed to Vietnam in an effort to prevent a communist takeover of the south. This was the first conflict which had full reports broadcasted on the newly popularized television. The people of America could watch the war from a first-hand source, and there was a significant portion of the populace which were unhappy with what they were seeing. Those unhappy campers were not thrilled when they were drafted to fight in the war, and so they found ways to avoid serving the nation and fulfilling their duty. Many abused government policies concerning education and college to dodge the draft, while others fled to Canada or Mexico. Those that went to colleges and institutions were able to stay in college and "learn" thanks to a draft exception concerning college education, and therefore, colleges of the time frame were disproportionately liberal and leftist, as many conservative and right-leaning individuals would support the war, and would not attempt to avoid the draft. This first wave of leftists accumulating in the colleges and universities of America are the humble origins of the modern day cultural Marxism movement.

The "hippies", as many of the time referred to them as, were in favor of peace and unconditional withdrawal from Vietnam, the legalization of drugs, the civil rights movement, and many other liberal ideals from the time. On the other hand, they were anti-military, anti-government, against conservatism, and against any form of authority over them. This vehemently anti-authority and disturbing mindset was the mastermind of incidents such as the Kent State shooting, in which an anti-war protest evolved into a riot. Troops from the Ohio National Guard were eventually deployed in order to maintain peace at the campus. The servicemen were then pelted with debris and projectiles, verbally and physically harassed, and subjected to severe stress upon their arrival at the riots. The mob began chasing them off campus in increasingly violent behavior, and they were forced up onto a hill where several servicemen cracked under pressure, and unfortunately, fired on American civilians, killing 4 and injuring 9. This incident was portrayed as an act of tyranny and massacre, when this was not the whole truth. This was the first instance of victimizing the left and criminalizing the right by the Cultural Marxists, when both sides of the incident were to blame. Eventually, with the end of American involvement in 1973, the tension died down, and the hippie movement seemed to disintegrate as a majority of the teenagers in the movement grew into adults and matured into functioning members of society. However, the not all of the hippies and civil rights activists of the 1960's were truly gone, and they would return to haunt America as they transformed from the students of yesterday into the professors of today. Our story begins here.

The Beginnings of Cultural Marxism

Since the late 2000's, young impressionable minds who enter colleges and universities across the nation are being "taught" by dangerous people. Many of the hippies and activists from the 1960's and 1970's have now become the college professors of today, as many of them returned to their schools and campuses to become "teachers". These impressionable minds, many of whom had little to no prior knowledge or understanding of society or politics, came into college looking for education, but instead found degradation. The mindsets and ideologies of these professors and their students fermented and mutated into a hideous combination of ideals, ranging from politics to economics, and even social policy. There is a plethora of issues to get into, so we will have to break it down piece by piece in order to fully understand what we are dealing with and why. Listed below are the main ideals which will be discussed, as well as a response to the conservative and Republican counterarguments which have been presented against them.

3rd Wave Feminism

The feminist and suffrage movements from history are nearly unrecognizable when placed in a line-up with 3rd wave feminism. 3rd wave feminism is a horrifically mutated and distorted take on the basic tenets of 1st and 2nd wave feminism, culminating into an evil ideology. The main philosophies of this movement are as follows in descending order of importance to the followers; The "empowering" of women and the malicious targeting of men, the promotion of abortion and the "my body, my choice" myth, the "rape culture" myth, and the denial of scientific facts.
3rd wave feminism promotes the idea that women deserve social, economic, and political advantages over men under the disguise of "equality", in which women are provided with obscene privileges which ironically mirror the privileges that the Cultural Marxism movement claim that whites and rich people have. The privileges and hoaxes that feminists want to impose are portrayed as equalizing measures to fix the perceived discrepancies between men and women, when these measures actually harm equality efforts. One of the most prominent lies that the feminists spout is the 77 cents to the dollar myth, claiming that women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. This statistic has been debunked time and time again, because this study was incorrectly conducted, as it only uses the average income of females compared to males. LinkA good job is done here against this mtyh, among others. The real figure is more like a 6-cent difference, and this difference can be attributed to social and workplace choices that women make over men, which results in a slight pay difference. We are then provided with obscene failures at "rectifying" the situation, like Hasbro's "Ms. Monopoly", which failed right off the bat as a complete dumpster fire, recognized as the ignorance that it was. Now, if we were to assume that the 77 cents on the dollar myth was actually true, then why haven't employers across the nation only hired females over males, knowing they could be saving thousands on paychecks each month?

Another tactic that 3rd wave feminists employ is the mansplaining and the male privilege nonsense. Instead of re-wording the facts, I would like to quote a very well worded excerpt from Integralist Canada in his dispatch "7 Debunked Terms Used By Feminists".

"This is an easy one. Feminists don't like to listen to men say things that are different from what they believe. As a result they try to say that because men are male, they don't have the credibility to disagree with women about major issues. Not only is this very insulting, but it is completely illogical. Both men and women are thinking human beings who have the ability and the right to think about anything that they want to think about.

The second part of this relates to shy women not standing up for themselves when a man tries to summarize what they think she has said. Again, feminists here are encouraging women not to take responsibility for themselves and are unfairly criticizing men for doing nothing wrong."

This quote sums up this issue quite well, and I decided that it would be more effective to use this excerpt in its entirety rather than inevitably reiterating the same thing that the wonderful dispatch it originated in already states. I highly recommend that you read that article as well, as it addresses the feminist question in an even greater analysis. You can find the link to it in the sources section at the end of this article. Unfortunately, we will never see an update to this masterpiece, as his nation was deleted some time ago.

Something else that is worth mentioning, if men have so much privilege, Linkthen why are white males the dominant demographic in suicide rates? Why is the bulk of the military made up of males? Why do males rarely obtain custody of their children in divorce court? Why is it that when a ship is sinking, the captain yells “women and children first” at the lifeboats? Why is it that Linkthis tends to happen when a male calls a domestic abuse support hotline? (This one seriously disturbs me, and it should disturb everyone else too). Tell me how male privilege exists with all of this and more going on in our FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. In fact, tell me how there isn’t female privilege...

Third wave feminism is pure societal cancer in terms of sexual engagements between men and women. A big myth that radical feminists spread around is that men cannot be raped by women, or that the mere presence of an erection constitutes consent. If third wave feminism was truly about equality, than this obvious discrimination in treatment of sexual relations between the two sexes would not be such a common occurrence in the minds of feminists. Link As quoted here, "an erection is purely a physiological response to stimulus", and this is a direct quote from the scientific studies listed therein. Furthermore, many feminists would try to argue that if a man did not want to engage in the activity then they would just fight of the woman, because ironically they seem to forget about their whole "men are equal to women" claim when it comes to this biologically based scenario. When these arguments are introduced, feminists seem to disregard the possibility of the man being held against his will by a weapon, or several attackers. I'd also like to mention Linkthis video I found the other day which is quite disturbing. Although the survey subjects in this video do not announce support for feminism of any form, this type of behavior is often displayed by or supported by feminists of the third wave.

Another thing I always found contradictory in the feminist movement was the hypocrisy of the "women are strong and independent people" claim. The reason for this is not because I think women are not strong or capable of being independent, but rather, why would a strong and independent woman need a whole activist movement to prove that? Why should a strong and capable woman need an activist group to "empower" them if they are already intelligent and strong? It never did make any sense to me, and it seems to be one of the biggest flaws with 3rd wave feminism on a definitional level. Anyways, on to the next talking point on our safari.

Yet another big logical anomaly with third wave feminism is the idea that men need to stop with their "toxic masculinity" and that women need to be less feminine and be stronger. When putting these two tenets side by side, it seems as though that third wave feminism's true intentions are to place women above men, rather than place them as equals.

Oh yeah, women that cheat on their husband/significant other who is serving on active duty in the armed forces, of any nation, should be deported to the Middle East so they can experience how it really feels to be treated like trash. I’m not quite sure where that belongs in this dispatch, but I’ll just leave it here because it needs to be said. This is the same for men who do that to the few women in the armed forces, they should be castrated. If you can’t respect and honor your commitment to the person fighting for your precious rights and lifestyle, then you don’t deserve to have those things in the first place.

Socialism, Communism, and Anarchism

Many of you who know me already understand that I absolutely despise communism and anarchism, and for those who do not, rest assured that I really, really hate communism and anarchism. I won't spend too much time on these, as we are focusing on the social and cultural ideologies these foes are promoting, not the economic ideals. The basic ideas behind these 3 ideologies differ between them, but all 3 are the biggest and most prominent choices among the modern left. Anarchism is the odd one out of the group, as communism and socialism are more akin to economic and societal policies, while anarchism is a largely only a political ideology, riddled with absurd levels of liberalism.

Socialism is more or less a watered-down version of communism. In this instance, we are referring to the type of socialism utilized in modern nations such as Venezuela; not the type of socialism referenced in communism, we'll get to that very soon. This is the socialism that "politicians" like Bernie Sanders would love to see implemented, and it has a few main tenets; the idea of a state planned economy over a private industry fueled one, the concept of the state being in total control and management of services like healthcare and education, and the idea of giving environmental regulations precedence over all industry and all economic activity. There is a little more to this kind of leftism than the aforementioned ideals, but those are the main concepts. All of us bear witness to the complete and absolute dumpster fire that is Venezuela, where socialism has rendered an entire country nearly destroyed. The real economic growth rate between Venezuela and its next-door neighbor is startlingly skewed in Columbia's favor, at a 1.8% to a -14% rate. The Venezuelan currency is in hyperinflation in nearly unprecedented levels, reaching 53,798,500%. All of this is because the United Socialist Party came into power thanks to the lies of Hugo Chavez in his election campaign. At first, it seemed to be working. Taxes were raised on the rich and the corporations and fed to the lower classes, and celebrities praised it as a "socialist success". However, after the rich and the corporations fled the country, everything started to nose dive; because when you tax away all of the wealth the upper class has, it will eventually run out. It ran out when the people of the nation began Linklining up in the streets for toilet paper from the national guard.

If socialism was not bad enough, it gets even worse with communism. Along with the aforementioned symptoms of socialism, a nation can also get a follow-up disease known as communism. Communism is a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and eventually resulting in a society where all property is publicly owned, free trade is exterminated, and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. On paper, this idea works, but in reality, we have all seen what happened in the Soviet Union, or in China, or in Vietnam, or North Korea; tens to hundreds of millions are starved and murdered, and the nation is thrown into turmoil. Today, almost all of the communist nations have died out, with very few true communists remaining standing. China is not really communist anymore, it technically is still red, but it is mutated and disfigured into something I can't quite describe as anything except "red in name but capitalist in nature". (Read more about China here) Sure, North Korea is still a communist nation, but it's more significantly a psychotic dictatorship, and the dictator in question kills off the people before communism even gets the chance.

A big talking point for the leftist political narrative is how amazing the universal healthcare and universal college education systems are. This is all fake news, and it's no surprise. LinkAs stated here, "Taxes can also be a key differentiator for the two countries. Canada has a higher average practical tax rate than the United States at 28%. Business Insider reports that, after taxes Canadians bring home is roughly $35,500 annually on average. In the United States, the practical tax rate is lower at 18%". These taxes go to funding the universal social and educational systems in place in a supposed socialist paradise, but this is, once again, only beneficial on paper; it all falls apart in practice. LinkHere is one of many sources that expose the true nature of the socialist system failing miserably, such as in the aforementioned Canada. In short, it always ends up in absurd waiting times for medical procedures/appointments, incredibly high taxes, and an overall overworked and inept healthcare/education system. The current model of universal healthcare as proposed by leftists and socialists of today fails to live up to its bold claims of providing effective healthcare for all.

With those two out of the way, now we get to anarchism. Anarchism is, like the term suggests, pure anarchy. At its core, it calls for little government to no government at all, and the people are almost free to do whatever they please. Obviously, this raises red flags left and right, because the entire purpose of a nation is to maintain law and order, which prevents the degradation of society. Many anarchists don't prefer total anarchy, instead, they see the government as nothing more than the defender of the people from outside threats and aggressors, and a select few other responsibilities.

All 3 of these ideologies are equally dangerous to society, and all 3 have failed to be implemented successfully in the real world. There is no real reason for me to go in depth here, as many others have already provided highly detailed manifestos and summaries regarding them. If you are interested in learned and reading more about them, for whatever reason, there is plenty of material out there for you to enjoy, I recommend reading something Link like this, which is from the time frame that socialism emerged, so you can't go wrong here.

Gender Benders

Gender benders are a peculiar group of individuals, who rarely make any sense to a logical thinker. At their core, they claim that gender and sex is something that has a lot of new properties, including; You can change your gender at any time and in any way for any reason, you can make up any new gender and say you are that gender without being questioned, just because you have the biological and physical traits of one gender doesn't mean you are that gender, and as a general rule of thumb you can do anything you want regarding gender with no questions asked. This is obviously completely against everything biology and human anatomy have taught us, and it is blatantly wrong for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the fact that you cannot change your sexual identity, even if you get a hormone and sex change, you're still a man or you’re still a woman. You are born with what you get, and you don't throw a fit. Secondly, there are no other genders besides the male and female ones, as this would obviously defy millions of years of evolution and biology. They may try to argue that “gender is a social construct, while sex is the biological designation for male and female body types”, this again makes no sense, because gender is biological as well, your sex determines how your brain thinks and how your hormones are produced in regards to sexual circumstances and relationships, so there can’t be a meaningful difference between sex and “gender”. If there really were more than 2 genders, there would be more than just 2 types of reproductive organs to accommodate for this.

The sad reality is that political correctness and monetary pressure on the scientific community and politicians continues to force them into an ever-shrinking corner, in which they must continue to concede facts to myths time and time again. The once revered elementary school science class icon, Bill Nye, has even succumbed to this terrible fate. Along with feminists and leftists, these gender benders congregate in colleges and universities across America, and this issue has spread to Europe as well. "Safe spaces" and "trigger warnings" are plastered everywhere in order to shield these fact-deniers from those who are willing to confront them with the truth and evidence. Anybody who disagrees with this new attention-seeking behavior is branded as a Nazi, racist, homophobe, transphobic, or being afflicted with some other type of phobia.

The Homosexuality Acceptance Movement

This topic is an even more controversial debate between conservatives and liberals in the United States. Some of the states in the union permit same-sex marriage, and others do not. It is a widely debated issue, with all sides of the argument having their own 2 cents to put in. Ever since the late 1970's, the homosexual movement has been pushing for acceptance, and today they continue to campaign for "equality", even though they already have it for the most part.

What seriously annoys many people, including myself, is when these activists intrude on an individual's right to practice their religion, or to abstain from things they do not agree with, Link such as instances like this, where a private enterprise is harassed and taken to court over their right to choose not to serve somebody who asking them to go against their conscious and values. Or in instances where a Christian church is shamed for not hosting a same-sex marriage when homosexuality is explicitly prohibited by their sacred texts. These activists pass obvious boundaries and attempt to infringe on the constitutional rights of others while claiming their rights are being infringed upon. Hypocrisy is a dangerous drug.

On homosexuality itself, it is wrong and immoral from both a religious standpoint and a secular standpoint. All 3 Abrahamic religions stand vehemently opposed to homosexuality, so there is absolutely no excuse for it under a religious lens. From a secular view, it promotes sodomy, the trivialization of sex, and it goes against the natural order of reproduction and human companionship. A same-sex couple cannot reproduce, and they only stand to promote sodomy and sexual trivialization, another subject which is heavily opposed by all 3 Abrahamic religions. Some opponents of the disapproval of homosexuality by religion would argue that during the times of these religious texts being written, back in the very early days, the concept of homosexuality did not exist because the concept of heterosexual marriage and the societal norms around it did not exist, and therefore, homosexuality wouldn't have been something which would have become reprehensible by religions in the first place. These people often state that it was some unidentified bigot who changed the early copies of the religious text. The problem with this argument is that they fail to realize that God, in all 3 abrahamic religions, is all knowing and knows of everything before it happens, and would therefore know about homosexuality to tell His disciples to avoid it. He was the one to originally tell his followers to avoid this sinful act, it was not some random person who had an unfounded hatred against homosexuals.

Even though the gay movement has obtained almost all the equality they wanted, they continue to campaign against the perceived inequality that does not exist, and continue to participate in intersectionality, in which they link up with others in order to bolster their numbers and congregate their causes. Often times, they claim that simply because someone disagrees with them on the basis of their religious views, they are subsequently being discriminatory bigots, which makes no sense, because it's literally a part of their religion.

Affirmative Action and Identity Politics

The next ideology on our list is identity politics and affirmative action, among the worst on the list. The basic idea of affirmative action is that not enough minorities are enrolled in college or workplace campuses, and therefore, specific enrollment quotas are thereby necessary in order to equalize the situation. This notion is extremely disturbing, as any knowledgeable and reasonable person can comprehend that a minority, by definition, has less people in its ranks than a majority does, so there is a completely logical explanation for the fact that there are far less minorities on campus than there majorities, which is simply because there is a bigger population pool for the majority group to pull from. If we take an equal group of 100 people out of the US population, fully adhering to the July 2016 race percentages, the question is answered. For argument's sake, let's say that out of every 10 people, 1 gifted individual is found. The number of gifted individuals being white are about 7.5, black is about 1.2, and about a 1 to nothing for all other combined categories. As you can clearly see by our little experiment, the sheer size of the white population compared to minorities results in significantly more acceptable candidates for the campus in question compared to the smaller minority groups. Identity politics is a strange and confusing place.

Intersectionality and racial politics results in a Hobbesian nightmare of identity groups warring for power. There is a weird idea floating around this ideology in which the individual is not defined by his or her achievements, character, or personality, but by his or her race, identity, preferences, and other classifications. This completely unfounded mess is well explained by LinkBen Shapiro on PragerU's Youtube channel, who makes short work of this literal nonsense. And, no, I do not fully endorse PragerU or Ben Shapiro, but it is quite amusing to watch them dominate leftists in debates.

In a more specific area of identity politics, there is a couple of myths surrounding white to black racism, "police brutality", and cultural differences. The left would claim these 3 principles regarding white to black racism, which is; white police officers exercise unnecessary force against black suspects, black people are subjected to unfair standards and pay on the basis of race, and gun violence lies.

The first claim is actually partially correct, because when police officers are on patrol in "the hood", they always have to be weary of somebody "popping a cap" up their you know what. The primary flaw with the argument that police officers use disproportionate force against black suspects is this; yes, they do use extra force often times, but not for the reason you claim. Looking at the Link murder rates by race, we can see that the African-American murder rate is 4 times higher than it should be. There is also the issue that despite the total number of arrested white individuals outnumbering black individuals by nearly 4 million, the amount of those black individuals arrested for murder is nearly 1,000 arrests higher than whites. Let these statistics soak in for just a moment; despite being outnumbered by a factor of 3 in total arrest numbers, black offenders still account for more murders than white offenders. The reason for this is quite obvious, and that is cultural differences and lifestyle differences. Therefore, why is a police officer not permitted to take extra precautions when they are apprehending black offenders? This type of logic is like saying you should not be weary of sharks just because they tend to snack on beach-goers. The other claims fall into line with the aforementioned first one because it all revolves around lifestyle differences between the races, and the left can't seem to grasp that even though the races are equal, that doesn't make them the same.

The counter-argument to this is that systematic racism and targeting by the government and the employers is to blame for this. This is a completely laughable excuse, as you can take a deeper look and see that families living in areas riddled with problems like drugs, drop-outs, run-away fathers, gang violence, murder, and robbery, or experiencing the problems themselves, tend to function worse than normal families all around. It isn't anybody else's fault; your culture, or the culture of your fellow race members if you choose to avoid it yourself, disadvantages you in several fields. If you and the BLM movement want to make a change, then a good start would be to take action in impoverished and troubled black communities, like "the hood", rather than screaming racism every time an unarmed black man is shot by a white police officer; this happens in vice versa too, you know. LinkIn this instance, two black officers killed a 6 year old child with autism and seriously injured the father. The officers even tried to make excuses and claim that the driver tried to ram their cruisers, but a third officer recorded the incident on his body cam, clearly disproving these falsehoods.

The Black Lives Matter movement has recently shown its true colors in the aftermath of the George Floyd shooting. "Protestors" took advantage of a tragedy to riot, loot, and vandalize anything they could get their hands on. Read here for more information about that. LinkHere is good video that explains the true nature and purpose of BLM. The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing more than a political tool to keep black Americans enraged over lies, in order to keep them voting for the Democratic Party. The media pushes the narrative, as usual, in order to twist the facts to keep people believing the lies.

There is even more identity politics nonsense to cover, as now we move on to illegal immigration, another subcategory of the perceived but nonexistent racism that the left constantly references. Last year, a literal invasion of the southern American border occurred when a caravan of immigrants tried to storm the border, no exaggeration. This caravan of immigrants attempted to breach the border instead of going through customs and security. Upon throwing rocks and physically altercating with border guards, the guards resorted to tear gas to force back the attackers. At this point, the left attempts to victimize the caravan by showing pictures of children in the mob as they try to breach the border. This is the first and most significant flaw with leftist arguing, as they say, "think of the children, you can't just spray children with tear gas!" Well, you should blame the parents who brought their kids to an area where they already knew they would be experiencing such circumstances, as the border patrol and the U.S. government stated that they would not allow them to illegally cross the border. The parents brought their kids along as attempted shields, incorrectly thinking that the patrolmen would not force them back because of the presence of said children. The left also makes an argument that we are supposed to be the sanctuary for all, and that we should accept everyone. To this argument, I remind that I am not against immigration, but we cannot take in everybody, so we have to limit how many we take in per year, and there must be rules and regulations to immigration in order to keep things under control.

The USA is not the only one dealing with these problems. In Europe, loads and loads of refugees are swarming across the borders into the West. Upon entering the west, these refugees refuse to assimilate, refuse to contribute to society, and bring their cultural violence with them. One country in particular that has been hit hard by this wave of violence is Sweden. I would refer you to LinkThe Angry Foreigner on YouTube, a Swede who does a fantastic job of explaining the situation in the country. In a nutshell, the country is dealing with a government obsessed with radical leftism and political correctness, which have resulted in the housing market and medical field being swamped and overcrowded due to the absurd influx of refugees, as well as an increase in violence due to these refugees bringing their cultural violence with them instead of assimilating. LinkSweden is becoming a prime target for Islamic State recruits, and violent crime related with that is on the rise as well. LinkAlong with Angry Foreigner, visit this site as well to get some more information on the dramatic increase in sexual violence, and you can all thank the politically correct "feminist" government of Sweden for allowing all of this to go on. The Swedish government loves to parade about their campaigning to "protect women" and whatnot, but they are to afraid to be branded as Islamophobes or racists if they actually try to protect those women. They claim to protect the nation's women, and then they turn around and let them get raped by violent refugees who care nothing for the culture and nation in which they have migrated to. If you still don't believe the facts being laid out before your very eyes, Linktake a look at this site, of which I quote; "In 2017, 58% among those suspected for crime on reasonable grounds are migrants. Regarding murder and manslaughter, the corresponsing figures are 73%. These figures are interesting out of purely scientific reasons. Due to migration, murder rate in Sweden has quadrupled."

The left extends this nonsensical behavior to the sitting president, Donald Trump, by calling him racist due to his actions against terrorism and crime. While I am not 100% pro-Trump, his actions in immigration have been favorable, as his goals are to prevent illegal immigration and restore order on our border regions. The left and democrats continue to embark on witch hunts against the president, one of which is the "racism" nonsense, in which they claim that the president is racist for barring certain nations' citizens from immigrating to the nation due to terrorism fears. There is nothing wrong with doing this; just as a nation would bar immigration from a nation that is being overrun by a plague, you would also take this course of action in this case as well.


Abortion is one of the easiest ones for me to pick apart and destroy. Of course, under normal circumstances, an individual has rights to their own body and how to express and display it. However, when you cross over into another affecting individual's well-being and life, and in this case, you certainly do affect it by killing it, it is not your right to tamper with it. The fetus of an unborn baby also has rights, and by aborting the pregnancy you are snuffing out a life. A woman's right to choose concerning her body ends when it affects the life of another. The counter-argument may claim that the fetus before a certain time is not alive, and it is just a bundle of cells, incapable of consciousness; in response to this; aren't all humans just a bundle of cells? Aren't we all just a jumble of tissues and organs? It is against the law and unacceptable to murder your neighbor, so it is also unacceptable to murder somebody who didn't ask to be born and is currently residing in your womb.

Fake News

Yes, the fake news that Donald Trump preaches about on a daily basis is actually real. No, no, don't click off, I'm being serious and I'll show you why. LinkThis news article concerning this COVID-19 outbreak currently ongoing as of 2019-2020, mentioned that there are over 100,000 cases worldwide. This is technically true, but the article fails to mention that 66,000 of those infected individuals have since recovered and are no longer dangerous. Regardless of whether this was overlooked or intentionally excluded from the article, it demonstrates the absurd level of miscommunication and the recklessness of modern news media. Furthermore, many other articles often say that most of the infected are in China, but this is also a false assessment. If we look Linkhere, this live map shows the progress of the outbreak as you read this sentence. By switching to the "active cases" map mode, and/or clicking on "Mainland China" in the Country/Region panel, it shows that not only is this claim false, it is opposite to the truth. COVID-19 is no longer mainly in China, because as of 3/10/20, more than 60,000 of the 80,000 infected individuals have recovered, leaving less than 20,000 cases active in China. In contrast, the rest of the world has more than 40,000 active cases with less than 5,000 recovered individuals. While China still does lead as an individual nation in total active cases, they are en route to being surpassed by the new cesspools of infectivity; Iran, Italy, and South Korea, and they are outnumbered by a rate of over 2 to 1 by the combined outside world in terms of infected individuals.

This small detour into the COVID-19 outbreak is a grim reminder of how irresponsible and inept the modern news media is. In the 2016 US Presidential Election, fake news was rampant on both Republican biased and Democrat biased news agencies, which was when the fake news craze was brought into the mainstream light by then Republican candidate Donald Trump. This trend of misinformation and exaggeration is extremely dangerous to our increasingly internet-reliant world, as the ease of access to information on the internet can lead to an increasingly large portion of the population being misinformed and deceived. For all peoples, fake news should be regarded as one of the biggest threats to our civilization along with the rest of the dangers I have already mentioned.

The Errors of the Republican Counterargument

Now, we finally get to the conservative and Republican attempts at counter-arguments. For the most part, they aren't that bad, but there are several points I need to make here. First and foremost is that capitalism is not a complete upgrade from socialism or communism, there are several talking points on capitalism that gives leftist economics some legitimate ground. However, capitalism is the lesser evil of socialism and communism in general.

Another thing that must be mentioned is that; yes, racists and people with phobias do exist, but that doesn't mean that all republicans, conservatives, or right-wingers are also of that category. There are definitely issues with alt-right and racist groups like the Klu Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, and others. The aforementioned should be thrown in jail along with the communists and abortion doctors. The issue overall with the counter attack provided by rightists and Republicans against the leftist army is the fact their ideology also has issues, albeit not as much, but they still have issues. Capitalism and conservatism also have their downsides, including corruption, more noticeable lower classes, exploitation of the defenseless at times, and more. The key is to recognize that the two-party system and the two-sided political spectrum are flawed and misrepresentative, and that political ideology and standpoint is not on a spectrum, but it is an infinitely variable choice, and not everybody is the same.

Another error that is obvious is the lack of sympathy and compassion towards the less fortunate. Of course, we cannot concede everything to the left, but it is not unreasonable to instate some limited tax bias against the wealthy, and allocate the new income to welfare services. We aren't talking about millions more in taxes, but it is enough to boost welfare and help the needy. In exchange, we must also institute measures to prevent the abuse of these new funds.
The counter-arguments provided by the right shares much in common with mine, both have similar views on abortion, homosexuality, and more. However, I cannot call my self a rightist or Republican because I do not fully agree with them either.

The Solution to the Leftist Question

Throughout my life as an American citizen, I have been appalled by the backwards thinking and uncivil actions taken by the left. Many times, when approached for a civil debate or discussion, their actions degrade into yelling, chanting, and name calling. They are blissfully aware and ignorant of the faults in their own ideologies that they refuse to acknowledge any argument to mention those faults. It is essentially like arguing with a brick wall when it comes to arguing with a leftist, especially the gender benders and 3rd wave feminists.

Time and time again, the leftists continue to inch forward with their agenda. First it was homosexual rights, and the conservatives of the time said that this was all they would allow, and then the next generation of conservatives did the same thing with transsexuals, and then again with gender benders, and now identity politics, 3rd wave feminism, and the rest of their armies. It is clear to any and all logical and knowledgeable people that negotiations and debate with these heathens is out of the question. Therefore, we, as a civilized force, are required to take action now if we wish to halt the advance of this evil. There are only two options here; massive and sweeping political change, or straight-up violence. I do not call for violence against anybody, but I recognize that only through a massive political rebalancing of the nation, or a full-blown conflict or uprising, will there be a surefire destruction of the leftist advancement in our society. Without either of these two events, the leftist activists and extremists of today will become the oppressors and rulers of tomorrow, after they whittle us away and eventually force our children and their children into submission. Our children will grow up in a society riddled with injustice, where they cannot use the restroom without fearing a pervert may be lurking, where they cannot speak their minds without being called Nazis, where they cannot walk across the street without "checking their privilege", and where they cannot become wealthy without having it stolen by the government and given to leeches. Day by day, more and more leftist news agencies and keyboard warriors produce nonsense "debunking" videos and fake news to attempt to discredit the facts and truths which have been laid out before you herein. For the sake of society and the future of our nation and people, the leftists and must be stopped. Tell me, do you want your daughter to be gang raped by refugees who refuse to assimilate and treat your culture like garbage? Tell me, do you want your son or daughter to walk into a bathroom where they must do their natural bodily processes next to a pervert who uses the gender bender policies to get into the opposite bathrooms? Tell me, do you want to have all of your money which you have worked hard and faithfully for to be stolen and distributed to those who refuse to work and only wish for government support? TELL ME, are you one to SIT BY while the waves of the left and Cultural Marxists destroy YOUR culture, tell you that you may not practice YOUR religion, and tell you how YOU are supposed to behave in order to avoid OFFENDING the same people who are WRONGING you?! Opposition to these menaces, of all political ideologies and all races, must unite to thwart and destroy it immediately. He who stands by today as his compatriots are outnumbered and attacked by evil is no better than those evils, which will, inevitably, come for HIS values tomorrow after destroying those who already stood against them yesterday, at which point he shall wonder; "Why am I alone in this fight?". The fantasy novel of Marx and the notions of the modern leftists deserve to be decimated and confined to the bust bin of history, WHERE THEY BELONG!

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