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Well, I've learned some things... [Aumeltopia for Delegate!]

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Greetings, fellow citizens of the South Pacific ó

Iím Aumeltopia, or alternately Somyrion on our offsite platforms, and Iíve served as your World Assembly Delegate for the past six months. It has been a wonderful and enlightening experience, and I hope you all enjoyed that time in this amazing community as much as I did.

I wasnít always a perfect Delegate; at times I didnít manage to get up-to-date on endorsements after a busy weekday or I skipped reading up on the hundreds of new posts accumulated on the Regional Message Board. But thatís why thereís room for improvement.

I see the delegacy as a role not of leaps and bounds, but one of continuous upward motion. Things donít always move in a straight line, and you canít always make them come out as you plannedó but you do have a responsibility to keep pushing upward. Always keep pushing upward. Excelsior, if you will. Thatís the ethos I bring to the office of Delegate.
And so, TSPers, Iíd like to ask to be your Delegate once again ó because I believe that the continuous nature of that motion is important, and it is something I can and will provide. I have been honoured by all of your support throughout my delegacy, and I would be honoured to receive it again for another term of biscuits, endorsements, and continuous upward motion. 🍪

Your Delegate,

Now that Iíve waxed poetic a bit, here are some more specifics:

As the title says, Iíve learned some things. And Iíve learned some other things.

One of the things Iíve learned is that I wasnít really able to stay completely on top of the RMB like I promised. (You guys got away from me once more!) But Iíve realized that as long as I trust the Local Councillors who are putting so much effort into moderating the RMB as part of their job, I donít need to be doing that job for them. Six months ago, I was trying to be master of everything. But now, well, you could say Iíve mellowed out a bit.

Thatís not to say I feel any less of a duty or an enjoyment of taking part in our Regional Message Board communityó just that Iím not going to try to moderate it (or moderate the moderators!). The RMB is one of my natural homes, and I am adamant about making sure everything I do and say as delegate appears just as much there as anywhere else.

In fact, Iíve started consciously ensuring that anytime I post anything related to my role as Delegate on the RMB or Discord server ó whether thatís a note about travelling or how Iím planning to vote on a GA resolution ó I send it (or an appropriate version thereof) on the other platform as well. Iíd like to extend this even beyond simple, factual notifications to include messages such as discussion questions about how to update the WFE, for example, or what information to include in a new dispatch. This may seem unexciting, but it is really the purest form of integration. The more people feel like they are ďin the loopĒ and receiving the same information from the same network, the more they feel connected with others no matter the differences in platform.

Another thing Iíve learned is the importance of always keeping going on endorsements. The first part of the graph of my endorsement count was a period of some stagnation and decrease during the summer lull in the first few months. But we pulled together and pulled upwards, surpassing 630 endorsements ó not a new record, but massive growth. While we didnít meet our ambitious goal for December, I have full confidence that if we continue on this same path for another term, we will not take long to pass 660 and beyond. Just keep going. ItísÖ continuous upward motion, in its clearest form.

Iíve also learned that events like the Endorsement Days can be amazingly successfulÖ if they come together. Iíd like to propose to the Local Council and enlist them in more fun World Factbook Entry changes and themes; after all, four heads are better than one! Iíd also like to refine the Endorsement Days schedule to once every two months, and now that the basic setup has been created, Iíll start them off from the very beginning of the term, so we donít have such a long transition period.

A fourth thing Iíve learned is how much I enjoy taking on the challenge of the World Assembly, in all its different parts: voting on proposals, writing up recommendations, endorsing, and all the integration efforts it entails. In my campaign for Delegate six months ago, the World Assembly section was the shortest of all: that has clearly changed. I would be remiss not to mention the good work of my fellow candidate Concrete Slab in working tirelessly to bring our World Assembly scene into activity.

I firmly believe that, as one of the few hard-coded, immediately accessible parts of this game, the World Assembly offers an immense opportunity for involving players new and old.

So hereís my big WA goal for next term: a fully functioning SWAN-DIVE. Thatís the SWAN Discussions and Information for Voter Education program. It would consist of, essentially, a formalized version of the WA Opinions dispatches Iíve been publishing periodically throughout the past term, plus forum threads and RMB posts for all WA votes, and potentially sponsored debates and talks with the Academy of the South Pacific program of the Ministry of Regional Affairs. Itís ideally a responsibility for a Minister of World Assembly Affairs, but until we sort out the Cabinet reforms currently being discussed in the Assembly, I will gladly spearhead an initiative as Delegate. No matter what happens, I will put my full efforts behind it.

Finally, Iíve learned just how important the Delegate is, merely as a greeter, directing new players to the appropriate guides or answering their questions about how to join the World Assembly. As Delegate, Iíve become used to having at least two new telegrams in my inbox every single morning ó thatís something I really did not expect. I take responding to those telegrams very seriously, always trying to find the right balance of to-the-pointness, completeness, and levity. And at its heart, thatís what the Delegacy boils down to: a friendly but always straightforward face, a thoughtful but always open mind, and a strong but always willing heart. Add a biscuit, and there you have an Aumeltopia. 🍪

Within TSP:
  • Currently:

    • Delegate of TSP

    • Member of the Ministry of Regional Affairs

  • Previously:

    • Local Councillor ◊2

    • Minister of Military Affairs ◊2

    • Minister of Foreign Affairs

    • SPSF Officer

    • Southern Progress Party member

Outside TSP:

  • Currently:†

    • Forum and Discord Administrator (Communications Branch) of Forest

    • Citizen of Lazarus (still? I think?)

    • Founder of Meihua

    • Member of Tiandi (RP region)

    • Member of the Graphics and Publishing Department, NSToday

    • Skollvaldr family member (not IC-related)

  • Previously:

    • Council of Natives member, Celestial Being, Sovereign (in exile), Convenor, and Grand Commandant of the LCA of Lazarus

    • Governor of NSToday (NationStates Today News Organization)

    • Foreign Minister, Forest Keeper, Culture Minister, and Cartography Officer of Forest

    • Founder and Commander of Solidarity

    • Fearless Raccoon†of the Biscuit Warzones :P

    • Speaker, Forum Administrator,†and Chief Justice of the Free Nations Region

    • Home Minister of Sweden

Current Active Nations:

Aumeltopia (TSP), Mount Seymour (Forest), Aumelodia II (Meihua), Aumelodia (Lazarus), Sansiao (Tiandi), Somyrion


United Federated States of Omega wrote:NatSov or IntFed?

Ooh, good question. I admit I haven't participated enough directly in the GA forums and discussions to have an established opinion, and I really don't know the history of either position (e.g. what resolutions/proposals have historically brought out the divides between the two). Based on a vague idea of national sovereignty and international federalism as they apply to the WA, I think I'd most likely lean towards a sort of international confederalism -- retaining national sovereignty for the most part, but not hesitating to legislate on any issues for which international action might be at all helpful or superior. Further research and education may prove me wrong, though!

I've also heard that the two positions have sort of died out in recent times, though I couldn't say why. We're not in a time of great IC debates on the gameplay or WA stage, it seems...

And, of course, it's always important to mention that whatever my personal leanings may be, I will basically always follow the General Assembly vote of TSP's WA population (unless there's a really obvious reason why not to).

Lily Pad Nation wrote:Oh, wow. I wasnít aware you were running. I thought we crushed your spirits day one.
Well, I know who Iím going to pester everyone to vote for at least, if we didnít get him this time itís our duty to get him next time! hope you win Aumy!

Drystar wrote:Iíve found you to be a tolerable delegate despite your predilection to raiding my garbage cans on a weekly basis.