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Court Case - Southfield - File no 122-19

Copy of Case File

Whole India’s trail
Southfield Safety and Security Ministry
Defendant: Whole India
Type: Criminal Indictment
File NO: 122-19

Description of Charges:

Under indictment number 112-19 the listed defendant, Whole India, messaged Foreign Affairs Minister Valis, and Regional Affairs Minister Argau to discuss interregional politics, specifically relating to the issue of the Indian-Southfieldian Dual Citizenship Accords.
India’s government has alleged in indictment 122-19 that Whole India has mentioned raiding The Black Hawks, requesting members of the Indian government to assist him in this regard.

Regional Advocates Witness list:

• Will claim that he got a telegram from Whole India requesting information on the Southfield-India Citizenship Agreement
• Will claim that he got the same telegram as Whole India requesting information on the citizenship agreement.
Awell Islands (or puppet representative)
• Will claim that Whole India was not authorized to inquire about such information, and conspired to raid Bharat.

Regional Advocate: Avezistan
Defendant: Whole India
Justice: Kalantis

Case No: 122-19
Date Filed: 08 November, 2019
Region Filed In: Southfield

Evidence in Defense

In this evidence see Hindu Puri's Statement "In order to give more and more members a chance I have appointed Whole India and Neo Kerala as Junior HM[Home Minister] and HM[Home Minister] respectively"
So Your hon'r Kalantis this proves that my client Whole India was an appointed Junior Home Minister. You can view this statement on India's RMB page: 1,101.

In this evidence see New dilli agreed and my client Whole India was appointed as the Recruitment Minister of Bharat. So that proves that Whole India stayed in Bharat as Recruitment Minister. You can view it on Bharat's RMB page: 54.

In this Evidence we Can see that my client Whole India was not banned from Bharat. You can view it on Bharat's Ban list.

In this Evidence you can see that Awell Islands himself agreed that HM[Home Minister] is the in charge of the Citizenship Form. So that's clear that my client Whole India just tried to know whether there was any such type of treaty and if it was then how could it fit the Indian Situation. You can view it on India's RMB page: 1,106

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