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A Response from the MDA

A Response from the MDA

Due to recent events with The Wolf Clan, we've decided to end embassies, and this dispatch is being created to defend the residents of the Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, and disprove any nonsense being created from the TWC.

Recently, Apostate made claims about The Legion of Mankind and the MDA that this region is fascist and is working with Nazis. Yes, you heard that correct, a bunch of offline friends who play a GAME that I might add, to roleplay and have fun, have been accused of being Nazis and working with them.


This very region was founded after a long period over the summer of 2018, after our old region died, and so did Legion, as he forgot about this game. Near the end of that summer, the Legion was revived and the MDA was born. Now, why is this important? Because of that old region, known as The Democracy and Fascist Alliance, which until this point, was dead until it was revived as propaganda use. This region, was merely a joke. Two of our friends, New Makasta and DeltaSource created the Micro union, which was "communist", but was merely a joke. So, as a joke back, we created the DFA. Also around that time, we started the MDA roleplay, well, sorta. Legion thought it would be fun to play the villain in our roleplay, and so hints the fascist in the name. The regions where used at the beginning for the roleplay until they died and then MDA was born. Legion is no way shape or form a Nazi or fascist, and really is more moderate than anything else.

When did this start?

Well, now after many harassment from Alpha Wolf about with regional embassies and trying to have us close them because of their own regional tension, we simply ignored them, and told them that "we don't care about the drama", and continued on with our roleplaying. This was about a few months ago.

What about now?

So, Iím guessing that one of the higher ups in TWC looked at Legionís recent activity after he had made the withdrawal order for the embassy and saw he said a couple of things on the New Reich of Bunicken's RMB, claiming that he was in an alliance with them, even though Morrighan disproved any alliance or collaborating to begin with.

Ladymorrighan wrote:Apostate, until your region came after me, Donavan was a good friend of your leader Alpha Wolf, who wanted him to return to the region. I have Alpha admitting to that himself. He refused because he couldn't support your actions against us. You claim you guys are so spammed but the only one I see spamming anyone is you.

I completely deny that Monarchist and Democratic Alliance is any follower of mine. We have an embassy and share many common embassies mostly from Moderate circles. Our regions are not working together. We are more neutral. So please stop causing trouble and slandering innocent regions.

Let me say 4 or so months back we got rid of most of our fascist embassies and favored democratic and monarch ones. After finding this out, we withdrew embassies and went to confront them about it. Now, after confronting Apostate about the rumor, he banned Legion, a fellow region mate/irl friend, and I from the region, claiming that he didn't want "alt right regions spamming on the rmb". After this little scramble, we banned Apostate, wanting this mess to before over and for us to left in peace. With our final statement saying to "Leave us alone."

Now, after this happened, they sent a mass telegram to all of our members and residents in the MDA, as shown here:

Not only that, they revived the once dead The Democracy and Fascist Alliance, using it as slander towards the MDA and propaganda. They've turned other regions against us, continue to harass us, and spreading untrue things about Legion and the MDA.

Not only that, but after Legion tried to confront them about all of this, they dismissed it as nothing and tried to play the victim of the situation. After the final response from Alpha Wolf, he blocked Legion. Here's the conversation:

We're tired of this drama and nonsense, and want to be left alone to roleplay our universe we created. This is another case of bullying from TWC, and this is in our defense.

-The MDA Co-Founder, Dragons of Power