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List of Observed Anterian Holidays

Observed Holidays

International Holidays

Regional Holidays

January 1st - New Year's Day

March 30th - Augustin Alliance Friendship Day

January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

September 7th - Concordat Day

Feb 14th - Valentines Day

September 29th - Founding Day

February 27th, Laylat al-Reghaib

October 28th - Dorhal Day

March 5th - Mardi Gras

March 17th - St. Patricks Day

March 21st - Laylat al-Miraj

April 7th - Laylat al-Barat

April 21st - Easter

May 1st - Yom HaShoah

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo

May 12th - Mothers Day

May 19th - Laylat al-Qadr

May 23rd - Eid al-Fitr

May 27th - Memorial Day

June 16th - Fathers Day

July 30 - Eid al-Adha

September 2nd - Labor Day

October 27th - Diwali/Deepavali

October 28th - Mawlid

October 31st - Halloween

November 11th - Veterans/Armistrice Day

November 28th - Thanksgiving

December 24th - Christmas Eve

December 31st - New Years Eve