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The East Pacific Forum Roleplay

The East Pacific forums, the place where your dreams come true. Well, yeah, but itís even more than that. The true experience of modeling your own nation can only be developed in our Roleplay forums.
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Why do we have to follow imposed stats and facts on Nation States while we can create our own? The world is out there, and itís called Urth. As on Earth, this world contains diverse and different nations, with their own peoples, history, languages, economy, politics, diplomacy and events. From developing your own glorious history, to interacting with other nations in peaceful relations (or blatant warmongering and violence), to deciding whether your nation should be a democratic stronghold or a totalitarian dystopia, winning sports competitions or song festivals; everything is possible in TEP Roleplay forums.

You can focus on any aspect you wish, or every one of them; isolate your nation, or make it an economic, military or cultural power. You can also locate your nation on the Urth map when you definitely want to start roleplaying.

TEP forums are open to everyone who wishes to roleplay. The RP community will help and advise you on any aspect you may have any trouble or doubt, and you will have a nice time with them. They are nice people, believe me. Also you will be given caek if you start roleplaying. Is there any better reason to join?

If you decide to join, donít forget: youíre here foreverÖ

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