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Regional Lore


| The year was 2107, when Project Genesis was launched on Earth - birth place of humanity - in which the United Earth Coalition's space program located a habitable planet within the Alterran System - some 60 light years away. Wanting to establish humanities' first Extra-System colony, the UEC commissioned a council of private corporations and government entities to push the envelope further. For nearly 60 years a new class of Colony ship was developed incorporating the latest technological advancements from Ion Drives, to Automated Amenities, and the materials necessary to establish a prosperous human society. By 2168 a new starship was launched known as the Endeavor - and within her were over 6,000 people from various backgrounds, cultures, and religions.

In 2169, the Passengers were placed in Stasis Chambers and underwent a process of suspended consciousness which was a form of extended sleep, allowing the first generation of colonists to settle in their new home. It was originally intended that after their 120 year journey, the Endeavor would be deconstructed and serve as the base materials for the first settlement.

However, on day 363 of their 199th year, the crew was awakened by the emergency subsystems to deafening sirens and alarms as the Endeavor teetered on the brink of self-destruction. Only two days away from their destination - the crew sprung into action to do what they could to hold her together until they reached the planet Alterra Prime. Awakening the passengers the next day, preparations were made to abandon the ship. Cargo shuttles were filled to the brim with food rations and light building materials, evacuation pods were packed with passengers - and what few possessions they could carry. On day 365, the Endeavor was abandoned just as the cascading explosions from her Ion drives tore the craft apart. What was left was ripped from the heavens by the gravity wells of Alterra Prime's twin moons - all the while the armada of small craft, many of whom were damaged by debris, limped towards the planet surface - being separated and cast among the many continents and planets below.


A thousand years would pass following what had been called "The Genesis" - and a new dawn was indeed rising. From the 6,000 passengers arose a planetwide population of over 1 billion as small city-states were formed and regional governments established. Wars were fought over land and resources - factions rose and fell and a new human civilization arose on this distant planet, distinctly unique. In their own right new Cultural Identies were developed, both reflecting on the generational values carried over with the Passengers - and those strictly native to Alterra. As regional Governments look outward, across the globe to expand their influence - explore, in detail, their surroundings and gain abundant wealth - this new millennium promises to bring about revolutionary change and the advancement of Earth's lost colony - Alterra |

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