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Census Results: Information for Voters Feedback

Census Results: Information for Voters Feedback

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What were the results from the survey the information for voters program?

We are now pleased to release the results of our survey on the information for voters program. We have collated below the feedback in response to the general questions. Participants were invited to respond to the questions on a five point scale. There were 57 responses.

General comments:

64.9% of survey participants indicated that they were aware of the IFV program. 35.1% said that they were not aware of it, but hopefully by completing this survey they now are aware!

General comments:

A strong and positive response for the Ministry here with 77.2% of participants indicating that the IFVs are informative and well written.

General comments:

Quite a spread of results here. We can see that just over a third usually vote as the information telegrams suggest, slightly less take the information into account but make their own decision, and 17.5% always vote as the information recommends.

General comments:

Another very favourable outcome for the Ministry of WA Affairs with 84.2% indicating that they would like to continue to receive the IFVs for every vote.

Other comments participants shared about General Assembly resolutions:

There were only 15 responses written in answer to this section. To summarise these, there was the suggestion of including a link to the external forum discussion in the IFV so that WA nations can understand the arguments. Secondly, that the IFV should be sent out earlier (times do vary in this case). Finally that if the telegram suggests a vote that differs from the majority vote of TNP WA members, that it should note this in the IFV.

General comments:

56.1% of participants do not vote or participate in our forum thread discussions on the general assembly. This is clearly evident to anyone who reads those threads. We will need to consider taking more steps to promote these threads in-game, perhaps on the RMB, to encourage nations to make their voice heard before we get it to a vote.

General comments:

73.7% of survey participants indicate that the IFVs for the Security Council proposals are informative and well written. Another excellent result for the team in the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs.

General comments:

Slightly different results to the GA piechart early. Here we see that one-third of participants take the IFV information into account but make their own decision. 28.1% vote entirely as the IFV suggests. 24.6% usually vote the way the IFV suggests. This clearly demonstrates how influential that IFV can be particularly for security council proposals.

General comments:

84.2% of participants want to see an IFV every time there is such a vote (as happens currently). Another excellent result for the IFV program.

Any other comments participants shared about Security Council Resolutions:

There were only 10 responses to this question, most of these were simply saying “none”. The only tangible feedback was that the IFV should be sent out earlier. Again, I would reiterate that the timing for this does vary.

If you do not vote on WA resolutions, please tell us why:

There were 6 responses to this question. About half the feedback reflected the fact that NPA members while they do vote in forum threads, are not necessarily able to vote or pay too much attention to their in-game WA vote. Other feedback suggested that the WA proposals are usually do boring for nations to even pretend to care.

General Comments:

40.4% of survey participants said they did not know that dispatches were posted about the IFVs. I’m not exactly sure how this is possible, given that they are sent to all WA nations in a telegram and are linked on the RMB.

Do you have any other comments about the IFV program:

There were 7 responses to this question. Again the feedback that IFV’s should be sent out earlier is clearly present. Secondly, the other feedback is that ‘Tlomz is cool’ and that one participant did not know how to upvote until recently.

If you have any other feedback for the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, do let us know!