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Role Play Rules


- Acknowledging that as of present, the Role Play Bill within the Alterran Republic is in need of some changes.

- Recognizing, that Alterra has evolved from it's original basis and requires a condensing and refining of laws and regulations.

- Does, reaffirm government neutrality and the rights of all citizens to freedom in both roleplay & national creation, instituting these guidelines which shall form the basis of Alterra's system of roleplay.

- Whereas Alterra has utilized a system of population growth since the time of it's first government.

- Whereas, in order to ensure level fairness and overall regional integrity, the growth will occur every two Role Play years beginning in Role Play year 1028.

- Whereas, any and all laws regarding population growth and appeals to such are hereby rendered null and void, and all populations will be kept the same as they currently are.

- Whereas, population growth will occur as follows;

- Whereas, nations that become compound nations in method of annexation or mutual agreement to compound will have separate population growths, but their total will be calculated as the national population, and be kept by one of the nations in their nation builder factbook.

- Whereas, this does not apply to nations conquered in war, said population will be a part of the conqueror's population.

- Whereas, a nation's military size is hereby limited to two percent of the population.

- Whereas, any treaty must be reviewed by appropriate government authorities, and be mutually agreed to.

- Whereas, complete annexation will only be allowed if the Role Player being annexed requests full annexation or allows it under treaty.

- Whereas, the bingo square in which the capital of a nation is noted as core land and may not be annexed unless it is agreed to in a treaty or the player requests full annexation.

- Whereas, the population taken in war is suspended from growth for one population growth cycle after capture.

- Whereas, this does not apply to full annexation capture of populations, they will be allowed to grow at half of normal rate of the conquering nation, however, the population must then be combined into one number.

- Whereas, population captured in war will grow as the rest of the population of the conqueror, not as a separate entity.

- Whereas, no nation may use captured population for their military statistics for at least 5 Role Play years after the initial capturing, they then may use half a percent of said capturing pop until 5 Rp years later when they may use the full two percent.

- Whereas, this does not apply to compound nations, full statistics may be used.

- Whereas, in order to declare war, the Role Player declaring war is required to provide a legitimate non-OOC casus belli for the war, and mention the person(s) pertinent to the situation.

- Whereas, all war is turn based, each Role Player that becomes involved will be allowed a turn, which will consist of a post, that all person(s) pertinent to the war are to be mentioned, as to follow the events.

- Whereas, theaters of war in a single war Role play shall be treated as separate role plays to increase the speed of the role play, despite being interconnected. Note that theaters of war cannot be exploited to get an unfair amount of turns and areas a few kilometers inland from the coast do not count as seperate theaters.

- Whereas, when a nation joins the war they will be assigned a turn after a specific Role Player in the overall turn system.

- Whereas, at the beginning of a war, the Role Players involved will come up with a preliminary turn system. However, the person who commenced the war will have their turn marking the beginning of a new turn in the Role Play.

- Whereas, a Role Player shall only control the actions of their own forces unless given specific permission by another Role Player, that is on their side.

- Whereas, no Role Player may dictate in any way how their fellow Role Player's forces act in war, especially on the opposing side. The only situation this will be ignored in is when the statement is made as a reaction to the stated tactics and movements by the other Role Player.

- Whereas, any Role Player caught doing the above will be given a warning, if it occurs again they will be given a second warning, if the same occurs a third time the war will be halted for a trial of the accused Role Player, if they are convicted they will be removed from the war and rendered Non-Engaging for two months. The war may then be continued.

- Whereas, the people to be mentioned in the first post for this war are to be the Role Play Minister, Justice Minister and the Role Player(s) being attacked during the first post.

- Whereas, after the first post those involved in the war and either the Role Play Minister or a designated government official for monitoring the war for legality are to be mentioned.

- Whereas, if a government official is involved in the war their abilities to void role play are to be restricted to Role Plays not surrounding the war, and another government official will be assigned to monitor the legality of the war Rp.

- Whereas all forms of orbital bombardment are banned to prevent space-fairing nations to have an unfair advantage over starting nations or nations without a space program.

- Whereas autowinning is defined by the situation. For example autowinning cannot happen when the player has to go offline due to real life situations such as real life trauma, sicknesses or school. However when the player is purposely not responding to avoid consequences of war, autowinning is allowed to happen. When an autowin is carried out, the victorious nation is allowed to take up to 45% of enemy's population, three tiles of land and take up to 15 technologies that the losing nation possesses.

- Whereas, Alterra has for a time has had an engaging status of either Non-engaging or Engaging, these will remain in place.

- Whereas, the engaging status and what one may do regarding war while holding that status is to be as follows;

- Whereas, any nation classified as N is protected from any acts of War or aggression against them.

- Whereas, the nation's status is to be listed in the map Factbook.

- Whereas, after becoming E the nation may not declare war itself for 24 hours after the change is announced on the RMB or the map, whichever comes first.

- Whereas, no nation may become N to avoid war once the initial post has been made.

- Whereas, when a status is changed the Role Player may not return to their former status for 30 days.

- Whereas, Role Play characters are defined as characters of a Role Player that have been given a specific name.

- Whereas, these characters will be afforded certain protections these will be as follows;

- Whereas, if a Role Player intends to harm another's Role Play character the owner is liable to write the extent of the injuries the character received.

- Whereas, in war the character will not be killed unless the owner kills the character off, or injuries received are too extensive to have been survived.

- Whereas, no Role Player may decide the actions of another's character unless given explicit permission by the owner of said character.

- Whereas, a named RP character can not be used in a war without the other nation’s consent. This is to prevent people from having “immortal” troops.

- Whereas, a player must own or have access to a source of Uranium to start a nuclear program, via either domestic ownership or import.

- Whereas, the timetable will take in account the tech-specializations offered by the nationbuilder, in particular Science or Nuclear Engineering

- Whereas, the R&D phase of a nuclear program is defined by the first RP post initiating the program and ending with the first successful test of a nuclear weapon, after which the nuclear program enters the construction phase.

- Whereas, A nation conducting a nuclear research must be Engaging. Any nation becoming Non-engaging during nuclear research must halt (But not remove progress of) Nuclear weapons research.

- Whereas, nuclear weapons powered by mana, or so called 'magic' nukes, they will operate on the same system as the standard uranium nuclear weapons.

- Whereas, this referendum issues the following timetable;

- Whereas, 2 years will be the absolute minimum required to start and finish a nuclear R&D program

- Whereas, all nuclear weapons will be limited up to 500kt to prevent god-mod.

- Whereas, all war is turn based and does therefore impose the following turn penalties on using a nuclear weapon, based on the yield of the weapon;

- Whereas, nations may choose to stockpile their nuclear arsenal

- Whereas, to prevent an unbalanced build-up of nuclear weapons, the following restrictions on construction and stockpiling are issued based on the yield of the weapon;

- Whereas, nuclear weapons not based on uranium, such as, but not limited to, thermonuclear hydrogen bombs, are banned

- Whereas all technologies currently developed in character are pardoned from the regulations below. However, the time table below will still apply in terms of time needed.

- Whereas a technology will require a small factbook to be presented to the Role Play Minister, in this factbook must be uses of the technology, nations developing the technology, and level of technology. This does not apply to Minor and Intermediate technologies, in which case one should decide on the time limit and request a consult from the Role Play Minister.

- Whereas the Role Play Minister will then assign a time frame for development on the technology based off of the above factors, number of nations and the in character ability nations involved must be taken into account, the Role Play Minister is not allowed to assign a time based on Out of Character opinions of the person(s) requesting approval.

- Whereas if the Rp Minister or anyone else who may approve factbooks in the government is involved in the development of the technology, the one person not involved in the tech development will review the factbook and assign a time table.

- Whereas the timetable below shall be the accepted;

- Whereas, a minor technology is defined as something that does not have a significant impact on interpersonal Role Play, and is usually solely domestic.

- Whereas, an intermediate technology is defined as something that exists, but has not yet been developed by the nations moving to develop it, such as satellites, jet engines, or nuclear reactors.

- Whereas a revolutionary technology is something that either exists in real life or is currently being researched that is likely to become a reality in the next decade. Weapons of Mass Destruction aside from Nuclear Weapons will count as revolutionary.

- Whereas, futuristic technologies is defined as something that is not existent in the world today, or is under research that will not exist for several decades.

- Whereas Alterra operates on an accelerated scale, which is why times present on the table above are reduced to under a decade, no research shall take more than 12 Role Play Years to complete.

- Whereas extremely advanced sci-fi technology such as laser firearms, plasma weaponry, black hole technology, antimatter tech, pure fusion weaponry, hyperdrives and nanotechnology are banned. This does not apply to laser systems based off real-life technology.

- Whereas Joint Research efforts are defined as when one or more nations collaborate to research technologies.

- Whereas the rules for joint research are listed in the following factbook.


Tech Sharing and Reverse Engineering

by Alterran records office

Alterran Republic

Amendment Ic - Research Sharing and Reverse Engineering Slot Clarification

1) Recognizing that as of now, it is not clear whether research slots are taken up by reverse engineering or sharing research.

I, Nord, the acting DRPM, state the following:

None of the 5 main research slots are taken up by tech penalties from researched given from another nations, and neither are the 5 main slots taken up by tech that is being reverse-engineered. Instead, there are 3 slots dedicated to tech that was already researched by someone else, being shared with your nation, or tech being reverse engineered. These slots CANNOT be used for your own research, just for the two aforementioned cases. These slots CAN be used to share research in progress.

Amendment Id - Shared Research Time Decrease Clarification

1) Recognizing that the equation given for the calculation of Shared Research time is too complex and cumbersome to effectively implement in the environment of Alterran roleplay.

I, Nord, the acting DRPM, state the following:

The following are the percentages for shared research:

Amount of Nations:

Percentage of Time Spent





















Read dispatch

- Whereas nations with the specializations that would benefit the technology/magic being researched will reduce time needed by 2.5% of total for each assisting specialization, and every nation that holds them.

- Whereas compound nations count as 1 nation in Joint Research.

- Whereas Hybridization has become a common practice in the Role Play due to the combination of colonist and native nations and the technological differences between each.

- Whereas Natives will gain tech in 5 stages which are listed below.

- Whereas a Role Player's nation class on the map becomes Hybrid-Starting Nation Class.

- Whereas Hybrid-Natives may not research future tech without the assistance of a colonist or Hybrid-Colonist.

- Whereas Hybrid-Colonists need mana for advanced forms of magic such as superweapons or large scale spells.

- Whereas Hybrid-Colonists may not research highly advanced elemental magic without the help of a native or Hybrid-Native.

- Whereas all Role Players are allowed 1 Role Play fantasy resource.

- Whereas this must be factbooked and approved by the appropriate government authorities.

- Whereas this factbook must contain the strengths, weaknesses, uses, a short description of the resource, it's type and the name of the resource.

- Whereas a Role Player may have up to 10 Fantasy Animal Species.

- Whereas if the Role Player's class is native they may have one of these as sentient beings.

- Whereas all fantasy species must have a dedicated factbook.

- Whereas a Role Player may domesticated up to three of these species.

- Whereas only one of the domesticated species may be used for war.

- Whereas in order to domesticate these species one must have the husbandry specialization, or the assistance of a nation with the specialization.

- Whereas size, speed, type and name must be present in the factbook.

- Whereas domestication of a wild Fantasy Animal will take 6 years for a gargantuan species, 4 years for a large species, and 3 years for all others, unless the domestication takes place, according to the Role Player's lore, before the Role Player joins the map.

- Whereas the development and research of robots requires either Engineering: Robotics, Engineering: Computing, or Engineering: Mechanical.

- Whereas the development of robots shall be considered a revolutionary technology, development for it will be four and a half Role Play Years.

- Whereas the following table is to be followed as a guide for production;

- Whereas the below table will provide a boost utilizing the specializations of Robotics, Industry or both;

- Whereas robots may make up the equivalent of 1% of one's population in military, this is in addition to the 2% rule of population in military.

- Whereas the development of golems shall be considered an intermediate technology, development for it will be 2.5 Role Play Years.

- Whereas the development and research of robots requires either Magic: Magic Refinement, Magic: Summoning, or Magic: Alchemy.

- Whereas the following information below is to be followed as a guide for production;

- Whereas the below table will provide a boost utilizing the specialization of Magic Refinement.

- Whereas golems may make up the equivalent of 1% of one's population in military, this is in addition to the 2% rule of population in military.

- Whereas as with golems, the total amount of summoned troops are limited to 1% of the military.

- Whereas without the summoning specialization, summoned troops will be produced at a rate of 5,000 per year. With the specialization, the troops will be produced at a rate of 10,000 per year.

- Whereas all highly advanced elemental magic (superweapons) will be tied to the resource Mana, a Role Player must have access to this resource in order to create or use this.

- Whereas a nation must be either Native, Hybrid-Native, or Hybrid-Colonist to utilize magic.

- Whereas all Natives will start with basic spells. Examples of basic spells for each type of magic specialization are listed below.


Life magic:


Vine Tangle:




Lightning Strike:




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