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RP | TCN | Condemnation of Creeperopolis and the Suggestion of Sanctions

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The United Democracy of Malgax

Noting that Creeperopolis has committed numerous crimes against humanity within its decades long conflict between it and the Senvarian Liberation Front,

Citing the massacre of civilians and prisoners of war, the destruction of civilian institutions such as hospitals, schools, and other essential buildings required for a populations well being,

Concerned that the Creeperian government is complacent, and is even encouraging the aforementioned actions in its campaign against the SLF,

Recognizing that the Creeperian military has been involved in numerous military campaigns like these and yet has continued behavior that has been disavowed by the international community,

Troubled that the TCN and specifically the Security Council has allowed this behavior go uncontested.


Denounces the actions by both the Creeperian government and the terroristic organizations in Creeperopolis,

Suggests the implementation of sanctions upon Creeperopolis,

Hereby condemns the Empire of Creeperopolis .