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Star Wars Roleplay Timeline

Time: 6 ABY, immediately after New Republic Liberation of Coruscant

19 BBY:
End of Clone Wars
Jedi Purge

Establishment of Galactic Empire

18 BBY - 5 BBY:

Early Rebellion against the Empire: Empire solidifies control over the Galaxy and former Republic holdings, often brutally putting down protesting or rebellious worlds. Includes the Battle of Kashyyk.

5 BBY:

Establishment of the Phoenix Cell rebel group.

2 BBY:

Formation of the Rebel Alliance: Various disparate rebel groups across the Empire unify under the banner of the Rebel Alliance.

Operation Euphrates: The procurement of various fleet warships by the Rebel Alliance. In particular, the Alliance acquired a very large Capital Ship force, composed primarily of various Mon Calamari warship designs, including refurbished Clone Wars-era MC65 and MC68 Star Cruisers, purpose-built MC72 Star Cruisers, and converted MC75 and MC80 Star Cruisers.

Operation Domino: Rebel Alliance launches a major offensive against the Empire, provoking uprisings across the Mid and Outer Rims. The offensive is an objective failure, with much of the Rebel Fleet (including most of their Capital Ship fleet) and Army being smashed by an Imperial counterattack, and most rebellious worlds swiftly being quashed. One of the only major successes was the liberation of the Mon Calamari, who swiftly fortified their sector and began producing and procuring warships for the Alliance.

0 BBY:

Battle of Scariff

Battle of Yavin

3 ABY:

Battle of Hoth

4 ABY:

Battle of Endor, first death of Emperor Palpatine.

Rebel Alliance reorganized into the Alliance of Free Planets provisional government.

Invasion of Bakura by the Ssi-Ruuvi

The Empire begins fracturing
- formation of Zsinj's Empire
- formation of the Restored Empire
- formation of the Pentastar Alignment

Nagai-Tof War

Alliance of Free Planets reorganized into the New Republic

Kashyyk Campaign

Approval of the MC90

Yevethan Uprising

5 ABY:

The Stenax Massacres sow discord in the Spadja, Thanium, and Gordian sectors.

The New Republic initiates the Emergency Fleet Construction Program, to build up the New Republic Defense Fleet and secure the power vacuum left by the collapsing Empire. Hundreds of capital ships are constructed at the Mon Calamari, Nadiri, and Corellia, including the first three powerful Starhawk-class Battleships and the unique battleship Harbinger.

[The Battle of Jakku against the Consular Remnant results in a major New Republic victory, though at significant cost.]

[The Eriadu Campaign results in the fragmenting of the Eriadu Authority and the liberation of the sector into the New Republic.]

Elements of the Imperial Navy escape to the Unknown Regions, forming the First Order.

6 ABY:

The New Republic launches the Coruscant Campaign, capturing the galactic capital and cementing themselves as the legitimate successor to the Old Republic. Although the Empire is largely split in two between their holdings around Orinda and those around the battered garrisons of Cartao and Corsin, another large Imperial presence remains in the Galactic South around Corellia, cutting off New Republic territories in the Lower Core from it's main body in the Upper Core and Colonies regions. Smaller IRC remnants remain around the fortress worlds of Kuat, Commenor, and Umbara.

The New Republic prepares to launch a campaign against the errant Imperial Warlord Zsinj. After the fall of Coruscant, Warlord Zsinj was seen by many Imperial Loyalists as the best hope for an Imperial resurgence. Zsinj's Empire stretches from Dathomir to Raxus, and from Felucia all the way to the Corporate Sector. With the Imperial Ruling Council reeling from the Coruscant Campaign, the New Republic switches gears towards Warlord Zsinj, amassing warships on the border even as opportunistic Imperial warlords gather their own forces.

Zsinj, in desperation, sought to increase his forces before the inevitable New Republic assault. Zsinj's forces were already powerful, headed by the Iron Fist, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, but Zsinj saw an opportunity to add a second Dreadnought to his ranks. The incomplete Executor-class warship Razor's Kiss was docked over the Imperial Fortress World of Corsin, having fled Kuat shortly before the New Republic overran and encircled the sector. The Razor's Kiss had an operational hyperdrive, and many of it's crew would obey Zsinj as an Imperial Warlord. Although it's shields and armament were only partially functional, Zsinj was confident that he could finish the repairs at the shipyards over his capital of Dathomir...

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