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RP | TCN | Condemnation of the People's Republic of Morova

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: The Serene State of Quebecshire


Noting the attacks in Morovia three weeks ago which left over one-thousand civilians dead,

Citing the handling of the aforementioned large scale terrorism by the Morovan military in the form of the dissemination of rumors, rather than any formal or credible investigation,

Remembering the denial of need for humanitarian supplies by the Morovan government, despite evidence of the situation proving otherwise,

Concerned that any benefit provided by the International Association for the Economic Advancement of Developing Nations (henceforth IAEADN) in Morova would be corruptly used for the benefit of government officials, and not for general development,

Recognizing the diverting of funds from education, infrastructure, and other key aspects of development towards fanatical military projects,

Troubled at the possibility of a total-scale civil war within the nation of Morova,


Denounces the actions by both the Morovan government and the terroristic organizations in Morova,

Suggests the hypothetical consideration of sanctions if affairs do not progress pleasantly within Morova,

Hereby condemns the People's Republic of Morova.