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Anti-ANTIFA, or, Why ANTIFA is Garbage

(Preemptive disclaimer: This is about the ANTIFA in NationStates, not the real-world ANTIFA)
(ANOTHER preemptive disclaimer: I do not condone racism or nazism, and it is a shame I have to put that disclaimer here)

I suppose I should support my claim, but it is simply too depressing to comprehend how abhorrent these false crusaders really are. However, it is wholesome entertainment to unload a fresh bowel movement right onto the largest meme of all political entities, which is, of course, ANTIFA and affiliated evil-doers.

Let's take a look at their primary focus and objective, which is obviously ridding the world of the terrible disease known as fascism and nazism, because god forbid a government oppresses their people! (USSR under Stalin totally didn't fall under this) You can observe these crusaders by searching for regions with the minuscule and anti-fascist tags, as they love to parade about with their "trophies". You may be asking, "but aren't the fascists the big bad meanie heads?", and I would reply, with a simple "No." We can use real world examples to support this idea, as the communists had a grand time starving and murdering nearly 100 million, while the Nazi orchestrated holocaust caused only around 8-10 million deaths. Would you take a gander at that one folks, maybe the fascists aren't the big problem after all! Not to mention, fascism promotes a strong state and defends the populace, while the left wing contradictory states opt instead to institute failed economic systems, starve millions to death, and eventually collapse as the people realize communism isn't such a utopian godsend after all. Some people may also claim that because the fascists are not allowing political freedoms in their nation, then they are bad and evil. Come on you saps, dictatorships will exist as long as the concept of a nation continues to exist, so don't pretend that communist dictatorships are any more delightful than fascist ones. Furthermore, attempting to stage a counter-argument about how "these new communist states aren't evil dictators ships like Stalin, no, we're not like that!" are laughable. When they mention "All communist nations from history were definitionally not communist, because communism promotes the removal of borders, traditional government, blah blah blah", they are saying that actual nations that managed to last several decades DO NOT represent their ideology, and that tiny, temporary fringe movements like the Paris Commune, that only lasted TWO MONTHS, does represent them accurately. Let that soak in. Next time, remember that when you see a communist ANTIFA force squandering small nationalist or fascist region.

Earlier, I mentioned a nice little word known as "contradictory", so now, let me introduce you to a similar word, which is "hypocrisy". Let us indulge in the wisdom of the logic of ANTIFA as we delve into some of their claims: "Fascism is not protected under free speech!" Well, if the aforementioned communists love to kill and oppress even more than the fascists, at a scale of nearly 10x more, then I suppose your favored ideology is not protected under free speech either, now is it? But you don't talk about that one do you? You claim that fascism is a representation of criminal actions, and therefore, is not protected under free speech like child pornography. A sound analogy at first glance, but once you realize that a lot of these fascists aren't actually doing anything that bad at all, your little claim justly falls apart. "We stand to save NationStates from hate!" Oh please, the last time I saw a real Nazi parading about spewing Anti-Semitic slurs they were banned by the moderators. What you're truly doing here is depriving fascist and nationalist people of their rights as human beings to express themselves. You're just looking to either target people you disagree with to boost your ego or to give your day a purpose. These people you persecute are usually not even racist or bigoted at all, and yet, you continually, and might I add quite hatefully, purge them off of the face of the earth. Now, that sounds a lot like something a certain man with a silly mustache did to people he didn't like as well, doesn't it!

Now, let's continue on to one of their most notorious behaviors, which is their constant raiding of other regions. ANTIFA is known for its staunch anti-fascist stance, and they spread like fungi on a dead log as they try to rid NationStates of such a terrible disease, as they love saying. However, they achieve a raid that benefits anybody at all very rarely, as hardly ANY of the regions they raid are nazis or hateful fascists. You know what the rest are? They are neutral nationalists, conservative democracies, non-bigoted fascists, monarchies, constitutional monarchies, the list goes on and on. They always justify their actions as "We TaRgEt ThIs ReGiOn dUe To iTs AfFiLiAtIoN wItH NaZi HaTe", when usually none is evident. These war mongering gorillas simply want to conquer territory, and they use a scape goat as an easy justification method to acquire land. Wow, that sounds a lot like something Hitler did, doesn't it!

But wait, there’s more! I must also bring to light the apparent ignorance of the ANTIFA movement as a whole. One of their core principles is that the ideology of fascism stands for hatred and oppression, and that is it. They constantly ramble about how the fascist ideology is “polluting” NationStates, when that is far from the truth. The truth is quite the opposite; these ANTIFA buffoons are the ones who are actually polluting NationStates. As previously mentioned, many fascists they raid are not even anti-Semitic or racist at all, rather, they are simply totalitarian or nationalist regions which are based around glorifying the state and well-being of the people, not racism. Taking this harmful lie that ANTIFA preaches into account, it is easy to see why fascism is always labeled with a negative connotation. It doesn’t help that the arguably most well-known fascist nation in history was a Nazi regime that killed over 8 million. The Nazis were the minority in the fascist world, as there have been more than 5 other fascist nations in the world besides the Nazis. ANTIFA claims they are silencing the evil fascist oppressors, but ANTIFA is really the evil oppressor silencing those who they believe are evil, when they are actually not.

The bottom line here, is that these ANTIFA entities have unknowingly become what they set out to eliminate, which is hatred. They continually suppress freedoms, oppress citizens, persecute specific groups, and war monger, all of which fits the perfect description of the Nazi regime. Now, I won't dive into the broader topic of "SJW and Leftist menace", as that is a much larger fish to fry, and I simply do not have the time right now to write a 4000 page essay on why they are the biggest pile of incoherency on the planet. That is a story for another day. These witch hunters are not at all here to do what they say they are. Like the aforementioned SJW and leftists, there are some in ANTIFA who aren't actually all that much communist or any of that nonsense, they are just part of the new generation of snowflakes who think they have the right to be offended by anything they please, and that them being offended actually means something. But let's not get into that right now. However, in ANTIFA there are some who are truly dedicated to wiping out true racism and Nazism in the faction, and to those people, I have 6 words for them: "You are on the wrong side". ANTIFA is not the right place for you. I personally do not agree fully with fascism, but I certainly hate communism, and I think the citizenry of the nation should have some limited freedoms and civil rights, but not so much to where they are enabled to tamper with and tear down the fabric of society and science, like the radical left and liberals are attempting to do in the modern day United States. Call it a limited democracy, conservative democracy, authoritarian democracy, or whatever, I don't care. To those aforementioned people who truly wish to fight racists and evil entities, you are on the wrong side whether you know it or not. If you want to fight the truly racist and evil people in the world, you need to go found a new organization, because the NationStates ANTIFA should be one of the things you want to fight by definition.

After considering all of that fun stuff, I hope you can come to the conclusion that the ANTIFA and communist menace is the true enemy of all nations of the world, not the fascists. Many fascists I know are not at all like the Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy of WWII. They are reasonable and competent people, I know some personally outside of NationStates, and they're people just like you and I. (Well, not so much like those ANTIFA animals, amirite?) At the end of the day, the fascists are not the enemy of freedom, it's ANTIFA and the left. If you have a bone to pick with the fascists, do it AFTER we finally band together and rid NationStates of these evil-doers.

Alas, this is simply another rant about politics in the massive sea of such articles flooding the internet these days. Some people will 100% agree with this factbook, some people will only agree with some of it, and some people will cry about it and call me a privileged fascist neo-nazi racist cis scumbag. I could add plenty more about these evil-doers, or expand on why the SJW and liberal movement in the USA are just as bad as ANTIFA, but that is a rant for another day, isn't it.

If you agree with this article, spread it around NationStates. Post it in your RMBs, post it in your forum threads, hell, telegram it to your friends if you want, anything you do to spread this article is hopefully informing more people that the NationStates ANTIFA are the true evil of the game.

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