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Second Jocospite Civil War: The RP [WAR IS OVER]

Welcome, Confederation member states, to the Second Jocospite Civil War!


In the aftermath of the Central Rift Command Bombing, The Imperial Empire of Jocospor has descended into chaos. The Confederation leadership was destroyed, with the entirety of the Supreme Council and most undersecretaries, along with various national leaders, confirmed dead. Worst of all, the Imperial Family of Jocospor was wiped out, leaving the Imperial Empire leaderless and on the brink of anarchy.

Immediately afterward sprang three officials, each claiming to represent the new legitimate government of Jocospor. The first of these was Leopold Gerber, Governor of Hess. Claiming to have assumed direct control of the Empire, Gerber has taken control of the Imperial Palace at the capital of Vocryae. It has also been confirmed that he has control of the northeastern region of Jocospor, with the major cities of Tossleton, Elryan, and Hess under his command. Backed by government bureaucrats, his faction, stand as a force to be reckoned with due to having the most recognizable government authority. He has recently crowned himself the new HSM Leopold I, and as such his faction will now be called the Imperialist Faction.

The second faction to emerge is led by Alicia Kemps-Fawler, the CEO of the Imperial Bank of Jocospor. Controlling almost the entirety of the assets of the Imperial Empire and backed by the financial elite, Alicia stands ready to wage economic war against her opponents through shrewd trade tactics and ability to manage Confederation trading agreements due to her control of the Confedereichstag II. Though the weakest militarily on the onset of the civil war, she has the most buying power of the three Jocospite factions and the one with the biggest ability to trade due to her control of the main trading ports of Blue Harbor and Rondhelm. With the ability and the will to bribe and buy their way to power, the Economic Faction presents a formidable challenge to the other factions.

The third Jocospite faction is tentatively known as the Military Faction, led by none other than the one of most influential commanders of the Imperial Army, General Gustaf Rees. The most powerful of the three Jocospite factions in terms of military strength, Gustaf has the backing of the Imperial Armed Forces. Due to their home field advantage, large amount of equipment, and control of the major military bases, the Military Faction has the strength to easily defeat their opponents, if given the opportunity to do so. Though the territories they control are unknown at this point, it can, and must, be assumed that they are ready to strike at any time.

Current Factions:

So, what are your options? Why, anything, of course! Join a faction, or make your own. Covertly support them, or become outspoken. In the battle for the future of the Confederation, you can leave your mark in history, or disappear forever as a remnant of a time gone by.

General Rules:

1. The OP of the Civil War RP is Jocospor, and the co-ops will be the nations of the last incarnation of the Supreme Council, namely ShrewLlamaLand, Shronok, Riakou, Depackya, and me. Like before, our word is law.

2. The setting of the story is strictly based on MT (Modern Technology). That means technology that is only being used in real life. Special requests for technology and equipment must be telegrammed or PMed through Discord to Castelia for approval.

3. Nations that intend to participate in combat must send an order of battle (ORBAT) to Castelia. Discord or telegram are fine.

4. Godmodding is a big no-no. The severity of the offense will reflect in the severity of the punishment. This can range from small supply problems, to entire armies being wiped out by sanctioned WMDs, to total destruction of the participating nation (meaning banned from the RP).

5. Participating nations may make their own moves, but the outcomes of each decision relating to Jocospor will be decided by the OP and Co-OPs only.

6. Be civil to your fellow CCD nations.


Roleplay Rules:

1. Strictly no Weapons of Mass Destruction. This includes all Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Radiological weaponry intended to cause mass destruction.

2. Please remember that Jocospor is still a sovereign nation. Any action that locals may interpret to be an infringement of their rights and freedoms will be negatively received, and will result in your forces encountering civil unrest.

3. Should disputes arise, feel free to telegram Jocospor and the Co-OPs, after which we shall discuss and make a ruling on your concern.

4. Nations looking to form their own faction should send a telegram to Castelia to have their forces added to the ORBAT.

5. Nations who recently mobilized their forces from their homeland will always take three days to arrive. This is to ensure balance in the RP and prevent sudden arrivals of large numbers of forces.

6. A "No Retcon" policy is in effect.

7. Have fun!


Current Map:

Link to the ORBAT of all known factions: LinkCLICK ME!