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Lorania Recruitment TG Template

*Save this TG by sending it to ‘tag:template’ and then copying the template ID to the nation you want to send the TG to*

Hey there, %NATION% and welcome to the game NationStates!

You're probably bombarded by telegrams like this one, and they all deliver the same message - BUT, before you delete all of these, you should read this one. Why? Well, the answer lies in what I can give you and what I can show you.

In NationStates, there are these groups called regions, and every nation is in one. There are many types of regions, but my one offers a lot more than some other regions in the game. My region is called Lorania and frankly, you get some good stuff from it.

What does it offer?

So if you want all that and much more, the only simple solution is joining Lorania!

I hope to see you soon, and reply if you have any questions!

[Sign off]