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Empress Xipporah


Picture of Empress Xipporah

In office: 1799-present
Preceded by: Emperor Evander Mather

In office: 1709-1798
Preceded by: Evander Mather
Succeeded by: Copa Alaric

Personal Details


Born November 2, 1668 (321) In Sigrun, Jorda








Schooled in Lilith Palace




"If you can't even defend your own honor, how can you defend who and what you love?"
- Xipporah Mather as a military general about to lead her first command into war

Xipporah is the current Empress of the Dawn, the tribe that inhabits the hidden planet of Jorda. She will rule for quite a while, since she as of right now has no successor.


1 Early Life
2 Rise in Politics
3 Leadership
4 Personal Information

Early Life
Xipporah Mather is the only child of Evander and Nymphadora Mather. At her birth, Evander was the leader of Jorda, and his main focus was on advancing their tech, and taught his daughter all he knew. Xipporah quickly became one of the smartest people on the entire planet, and added her own quirks to make the designs more successful. She played a crucial role in helping her father, the Emperor, improve their technology.
Xipporah also helped her mother Nymphadora get better grasp of supernatural abilities. She and her daughter dug deep into research, and using serious training, managed to give Xipporah the insane ability she has today; where she can attain the ability of any who's blood is on her hands. Nymphdora also gave herself the same ability, and together, hey trained and became the two most strongest figures on all of Jorda.
Xipporah went above her mother, and gained three more abilities than her, for Nymphadora couldn't stomach taking the lives of more than two of her people. Xipporah however, had no trouble doing so. Evander saw this trait in her, and knew that his daughter would be perfect in a position of power. Not leader just yet, since he had a few more things left to do in his reign, so Evander recruited Xipporah to be the head of military.
Rise in Politics
Xipporah quickly became the strongest military leader Jorda had eve seen. She lead the Dawn through many conquests, and thanks to strategic planning and a demmonstration on immense power, they won each and ever won of them. Evander and Nymphadora were both very proud of their daughter, and both wanted her to take Evander's place as Emperor as quick as possible. They knew she would do incredible things for the Dawn.
With the help of his wife, Evander finished his final tasks as Emperor, and proudly promoted his daughter as the first Empress of Jorda. Just days into her reign, a clear difference was seen from the days of Evander and the start of Xipporah. Eradicators became more advanced, giant mech were under construction, and the planet's protection system went off the charts. The people of the Dawn were very confident in the great things Xipporah was going to do as a leader. To this day, two hundred years later, she is well loved by all her people.
Xipporah has done a phenomenal job as the Empress of Jorda. Her citizens are very happy, their technology is off the charts, and the military has risen to be the strongest in the galaxy, although the entire galaxy just doesn't know it yet. The Dawn doesn't plan on anybody to proceed her for quite a while.
Loyalty Policy
Members of the empire must be loyal to their leader. Loyalty to any besides the leader of Jorda is punishable by death.
War Policy
The Dawn only declares war to either protect their people or to protect their honor and reputation.
Citizenship Policy
In order to be a citizen, you must be born on Jorda or be native to Jordan blood. Outsiders will be taken and trained until they are worthy to stay on Jorda, but they aren't official citizens. But, once they are released from training, the may never leave the planet again.
For & Against
For: Monarchy, Capital Punishment, Guilty until proven Innocent, Torture, Capitaism
Against: Slavery, Communism, Democracy, Murder of Innocents
Personal Information
Xipporah has lived on Jorda her whole life. Since she grew up inside the palace, she rarely left it. She was schooled there, entertained there, and more. She didn’t expand and make many friends, but she never really minded it. She was always too wrapped up in tasks with her parents to care very much about making friends. Xipporah focused more on being successful and helping her parents.
She once met a boy who came to work as an Eradicator, named Syrus. She quickly bonded with him, and they ended up becoming close friends. They were friends until the ended up falling in love......
Then Syrus got sent into war, as a part of his duty as an Eradicator. He was killed in battle, sacrificing himself to protect his general, who was also his beloved. Heartbroken and scarred, Xipporah swore to never love again as to avoid having a weakness. Still to this day, she keeps herself isolated and cold to never grow a weak spot, EVER.
Xipporah as never bonded with anybody besides her parents and Syrus. She takes friendships and love as a weakness and obstacle in being strong. Strength is the core value of a Jordan, and its one she will dare not loose, especially as the strongest Empress Jorda has ever known.
Personal Trivia
• Xipporah is the first Empress of Jorda
• She’s an only child, born to Evander and Nymphadora Mather
• She’s hundreds of years old, yet still very young in Jordan years. Age is different in a distant galaxy
• Xipporah has only killed ten by her own hand, but is not afraid to do it again. Around two hundred have died at her command, or by her ruling
• Her ability is a rare one, one where is she kills somebody with a super natural ability, she gains it
• Xipporah currently has five abilities; Plasma, Healing, Hypnosis, Shadow bending, and Poison
• She has no successor, which means she can rule until he day she dies, which will be in thousands of years
“Without any sort of strength, one has nothing.”
“Testing me is suicide.”
“Success doesn’t come without pain, sweat and tears.”
“You think you’re the best? Compare yourself to me, and you’ll be sorry you ever thought that.”
“Love is weak, and loving is a weakness.”
“Let’s see you try and be something when you have nothing.”