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Cursed Continent of Lodoss | Master Dispatch

The Cursed Continent of Lodoss
"Traveler beware"

In a world of boring old politics, it's nice to vacation someplace sunny. Where bikini-clad women, catgirls, and elves stroll the beach in the shadow of the latest shipwreck. Where you don't have to watch out for your backstabbing rivals; a wandering fae might steal you away instead. Where even disaster tourists can have fun!

Raison D'Ítre
(also known as "What is your hare-brained idea this time?")

Lodoss has been around since 2002 and like most teenagers, we feel the need to occasionally reinvent ourselves. Since we enjoy role play and we already play exaggerated versions of ourselves (rather than our nations) on the RMB, we decided to transform the region into a new role play experience. We hope that by providing a "vacation destination" for players we can encourage a relaxed, silly environment and that our simplified role playing will allow interconnectivity between players that normally wouldn't interact.

That being said, we don't offer anything "special" that half a dozen other, more creative regions didn't think of before us, but we hope that players will enjoy our exotic locale and our own special brand of role playing.


Simple: Don't be a jerk.

*sigh* Fine.

1. Don't spam the RMB. Double-posting is tolerated as long as it's not done excessively.
2. Advertising polls and (for the moment) other regions are tolerated as long as it's done in character and creatively.
3. If you're trying to interact with a specific player, please tag or quote them.

Breaking these rules will lead to posts being suppressed and/or players being banned.


Lodoss was unsurprisingly named after LinkRecord of Lodoss War. The region was founded on a whim by Demoness in December 2002 with friends from the official forums. After a rash of server outages, inhabitants moved to an off-site forum located on BbBoard semi-permanently.

The original incarnation of the region featured the continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, based somewhere east of North America, with vague ties to Real World history in the near future. However, those ties quickly eroded as mythological and supernatural elements were introduced and Lodoss quickly became an amalgamation of PMT and Fantasy.

Around April 2003, The Cursed Continent of Lodoss was founded to take advantage of the Founders and to free the residents from the shackles of the World Assembly (still called the United Nations then). Lodoss was relegated to puppet storage as residents were encouraged to move over and quietly faded from existence for a few years. CursedLodoss.com went online in January 2005 and was the primary role playing site until it too went black in January 2016.

These days we just make fun of each other and make jokes at each others' expense. This is an experiment to encourage more RMB activity... So we don't have to poke each other with a stick to make sure someone didn't die in their sleep. Come help liven us up!

Lodossian Balls

Time has swallowed the host and purpose of the first Lodossian ball (it might have been Fenwick's attempt to find a wife for his leader). Regardless, the cursed nature of the ball became readily apparent, and perhaps it should be no surprise: all Lodossian Heads of State tended to show up at every event. These formal gatherings usually attracted calamity in the form of assassinations, kidnappings, bombings, terrorism - you name it. Once an archdemon even showed up to disrupt the festivities!

Nevertheless, Lodossian balls also tended to also be the hottest events of the year. Attendees most often abandoned any sense of decorum within a few drinks and either got totally sloshed or quietly slinked away with a new "friend". As such, the Lodossian ball became affectionately known as one of the "seasons" despite the danger involved and will continue to be a valued tradition.

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