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The DRF Awards

So, as the DRF is more than a year old and lots of nations have contributed A LOT, I thought that it would be nice to introduce a nice little thing to recognise the achievements of all the nations who have put in the hard work to take the DRF to where it is today. In this dispatch, I will be writing down the different awards on offer, and then nations are free to nominate nations for the award. Multiple nations can win an award, so I will not the date of the nation winning the award. As well as that, nations are willing to add a little award title to their name (a bit like MBE sort of thing). So lets get on with the awards!

And so, the list is finished, but the important bit is to actually award them! The way to do that is by any DRF citizen (see constitution to check if you are) can nominate a nation for an award and I will check its validity (just making sure it fits the requirements) before processing it and noting it down on this dispatch. Any winners will be announced on the RMB and by TG, and each winner may choose to have the abbreviation as part of their title! This probably won't ever stop, but it depends on the future of the DRF, so let's make it bright!

Please TG me/RMB post your nomination for an award (Your choice)