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Recruitment Telegram template


To send a manual recruitment telegram:

Hey there, %NATION%, welcome to NationStates!

I'm sure there are many regions vying for your membership, but let me tell you why you should join ours.

The Democratic Republic of Freedom is a small region rooted in the values of freedom and democracy, and we welcome all nations. In our region, your voice will always be heard. Whoever you are, if you come with ideas, our leader and our community will always be there to listen. We let all of our citizens vote on our laws and even on ideas for laws. Hopefully you can be a part of that and tell us what you think. We also have elections every two months for Prime Minister, the top office in our region. Maybe by the time the next election rolls around, you could be our new PM, who knows? Of course, we have political parties as part of our democratic institutions, and you can join one, or you can create your own and shape it into a great force within the region.

Our region also has some other pretty neat features. We publish a regional newspaper weekly that recaps our exciting regional happenings, as well as news on some of the other regions that we know well. We are also trying to launch a Roleplay - if you're new to this, I guarantee you'll have loads of fun, and if you're a seasoned Roleplayer, I hope you can help us in improving.

So, I hope you can see why our region is worth joining. We look forward to your help in building a better, greater region.

Thank you,

Prime Minister
The Democratic Republic of Freedom