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Offical Resignation

G'day The Democratic Republic of Freedom

I would like to inform the DRF with a heavy heart that I am leaving NS and probably not coming back, In the past month a lot has happened in my life. I have therefore been unable to perform all my duties fully in this region, I feel that I am holding onto power by hogging the delegacy, procrastinating in writing the chronicle, and not campaigning for my party in elections. I would like to thank the DRF for being so warm and friendly to me for all this time, especially Skundi who without I would not have come to this amazing region. I may not leave for ever, however I am writing this because if I do come back it will not be for very a long time. I will leave office on 12:00PM on Tuesday 16 July 2019, so on my 160th day of WA Delegacy. I am sure a lot of you will have questions and I will try to answer the main ones here, if you have any extra questions please try and contact me I will try to be more active leading up to me leaving office.

Firstly I am going to put Abbots in charge of the National Party he seems to deserve it considering the effort he put in during the last general election, you may assume office on the 30th of June if you accept. Secondly I will be transferring my puppet Drf state broadcasting to anyone who I deem fit to take over responsibility of the regional newspaper, I will however write one last article before the 30th which will also be I will be giving up the puppet. I will send the application forms out shortly after this. Thirdly (pay attention to this Rughzhenhaide) RP wise I fully secede HK to Rughzhenhaide, the colonial government fled after the garrisons were defeated and the Battle of Hong Kong is over. You won in the end.

Again I would like to thank the DRF for their hospitably, kindness, and friendship to me. The same goes to the TCC as well, I have met many kind people on this site and I have thoroughly enjoined my time in the DRF and NS generally.

Thank you (in no particular order):

The Co-Prosperity-Sphere
Saint sully
New Excalibus
Zweites Preussen

and I guess even...


Best wishes to you all.


WA Delegate of The Democratic Republic of Freedom
President of The Democratic Republic of Freedom National Party
Director of Drf state broadcasting

The Jarldom of Stolkland